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I've done something terrible...

Hey, not the end of the world hun, I cheated big style last saturday and was so ill, back on track now though. Just put it behind you and you can and will. We are only human after all
thanks debbie... x lol i just wish i'd had something a lil tastier haha. im kidding. i feel rotten coz it was full of carbs!... and i know i will defo go out of ketosis now. i was in full wack ketosis for the past 3 weeks and i went and ruined it now!... do u think it will affect my weight loss too much this week? my weigh in is in another 6 days i think!... hopefully i shud get into ketosis by then
My cheat was last saturday and I ate carbs all damn day the scales are telling me today that I have still managed to shift a couple of pounds. Though my official weigh in is saturday :eek:
aww becky i hope your right! i was so proud of myself for the past 3 weeks!... ive drank almost a litre of water since the OFFENCE! i'll be pee-ing all night..
i feel a lot better after telling someone that i cheated. i know i couldnt have said anything to anyone at home coz they are all just seriously waiting for me to cave in and i dont wanna give them that satisfaction (i know they're a mean bunch) but i guess i did.. but they dont know :)
aww debbie thats really good!... ive been losing 4lbs a week. as long as i lose some this week i'll be happy!... im just gonna work extra hard with my exercise now!... :) thanks guys. dont know what i'd do without ya
hiya put it behind you and focus on getting back on track drink plenty of water to help wash the rubbish out of your system.
aal the best you are only human

Hi hun think of it as a blip and learn from it, remember how terrible you feel now and hold it. You are doing really really well so keep it up you can do this xx
today i fought all temptations! we had a dinner party at my place and i did not eat! i sat with everyone and talked to them etc but i did not eat! and everyone was kind enough not to ask me either :) thanx for your support everyone xx
Aww...you had a tiny blip but that's all. So be proud of yourself that you didn't really go to town and pig out AND you've gone straight back on.

Well done for sitting through a dinner party without eating...can't have been too easy.

Good luck for the rest of the week. :)
well done on your loss this week hun and dont worry about the little blip, we all go through that just get yourself back on the wagon and start over!! We are all routing for ya!
awww thanx. I think I have done well so far this week despite the cheat. I didnt go out of ketosis so extremely grateful for that!.... how you doing anyway? you still in ireland! Im actually looking forward to my weigh in on wednesday!
Ireland went fine apart from the security guys took my shakes off me as they didnt know exactly what they were. I think he thought I was carrying cocaine or summit...lol. Thats heathrow airport for ya!! Gud luck for tomorrow, dont forget to let us know how ya are getting on, take care

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