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I've gone and done it again....*sigh!*


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Kebab and chips this time. :psiholog:

It started off like this....

Yesterday I knew was going to be a long day as we had a new computer system that we were piloting going live last night. I had to go in 2 hrs early and I knew that I'd be late home too.
So I took some mince out of the freezer and asked the OH who's on hols this week, if he wouldn't mind nipping to the local shop (just at the end of the road) on his way home from swimming with DD and pick up a Colmans chilli mix, he's not exactly a whiz in the kitchen but I knew he could handle making a chilli, he said no problems and looked forward to having a chilli which is one of his favourite meals.
I was right about work, there were problems with accounts etc with our new system and I didn't get home till just gone 9pm instead of the usual 7.30-8pm. I opened the front door expecting my stomach to roll with the smell of Chilli, but there was nothing. I stood in the porch with my shoes still on and askd about the chilli. All I heard was 'Oh ****!' above the noise of Mario kart on the Wii. So I yelled 'Bye' and stormed straight out. There ws no way I was going to cook anything, I was exhausted and brain dead....literally as it turns out. :(
I went straight to the cash point and withdrew money from his account and went to the local Kebab/pizza place. I considered a Chinese but they were shut and a curry but knew that would take too long. I asked for kebab meat and chips and went home. After lot's of apologies from the OH (which I completely ignored and told him I didn't want to hear it) he sulked on one sofa and I sat and ate on the other. It didn't even taste that nice, far too greasy but it was filling a hole.

Now the really sad part to my tale of woe is that I currently take Metformin, which for those who don't know disagrees with 'fat/grease' and ejects it from the body...asap :(
i went to bed at about 10.15 and read for a while (OH still sulking downstairs). I fell asleep about 11pm and was woken at 12am by the OH coming to bed. All of a sudden I felt my stomach roll, it made the most incredible (and frightening) sound. I sat up and was gripped with pains in my stomach. I staggered to the bathroom and, without going into too much detail, made several trips to the bathroom throughout the night until about 3.30. At one point even considered shouting for a bowl to be sick into too :(:( it was that bad.

Now the real sorrow in my story is that yesterday I put on 1/2lb and I was so determined to put that right this week. I can't believe how crappy I still feel after last night nd how it's all my OH fault :mad::mad::mad: if he had just cooked the Chilli as requested I would have only used 7 syns all day, I would have had a good nights sleep and he would have an extra £10 in his bank account (not that it cost that much but he certainly isn't going to see any change from it)

Anyway, that's my tale of woe for last night. I hope I didn't put too many people off their brekkie.:eek:
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Grrrr men!!!! Sorry you had a bad day hun, i know what you mean about the metformin, my mum is on it and she has the same probs when she eats greasy food. Draw a line under the kebab meat and chips and remember how it made you feel so you won't have it again lol, chin up xx


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So sorry you had such a horrible night. :(

Agree with bettylollypop - start fresh today.

I've started to batch cook meals at the weekend to try and combat my last minute 'there's nothing healthy to eat' when I get home after a long day at work. I'll take it out of the freezer the night before and wave it up. Might it be worth trying that if you get some time?

It isn't fair that you had to go out and get food, esp when you had planned so well for it - focus on all the good stuff you're going to eat over the next few days (oooh - and how about hiding your OH's Mario Kart??) ;)


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good idea from couteaux, just have an emergency meal in the freezer that you can just defrost if anything like that happens again. Or maybe swap your hubby for another one :)


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Bloody Men!!! Sometimes I really do think my life would be SO much easier with it just being me & the cats but then he goes and does something really nice.

Swine though for not getting your food ready & glad you took the money from his bank account, serves him right.

Hope the rest of your week goes better though & don't beat yourself up over it, it sounds like you have been punished enough witht he midnight trips to the loo


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We all have our off days! Sorry it made you feel so ill tho :(

Just focus on being good the rest of the week and hopefully you'll have a loss this week.
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Arrrgh mate! I feel for you, as my OH rarely cooks and has been known to forget when I've asked him to do it as well....

Quite right you got your kebab with his dosh!!!! I'd have sent him out to buy mine actually. And made him feel ultra guilty! ;) I'm sorry it made you so ill though, grim.

Pick yourself up, move on, demand flowers and a nicely cooked meal as an apology and lock up the wii for a week!!!


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Thanks everyone for all your replies.
Today has been a much better day and I've kept my syns right down. Only 3.5 syns today so far and I'm going to bed in a second so I'm not tempted in to doing any more damage.
I've prepared most of the dinner today leaving the OH just the veg to do. It's what he had to cook for my DD for her dinne so there's no way he could forget. Although to be fair I don't think he would dare to :D Let's just say that this morning I ripped him a new one when he asked me why I was still so tired :mad:

Unfortunately I can't remove the wii or the mario kart game as it's my DD and she likes playing online against her cousin after school sometimes.

I'm sure lessons have been learnt...till next time. But it's going to be a very long time till I can face looking at a kebab again so there is some good to come out of it....lol.

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