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I've got no clothes! (and other stuff)


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LighterLife is going really well. 9 weeks in and I am about two-thirds of the way there!

I've got quite evangelical about the whole thing and will pretty much tell anyone who asks. This is quite different from a few weeks in where I wouldn't tell anyone!

Anyway, I've got no clothes that fit! I've got a 'do' tonight where I was going to wear my tux (which was too small for me) but I tried it on and it is now too big! I had to go and hire one.

However, my wedding ring no longer fits and my watch is too big (it's a metal one so it needs links taking out). I am also on the last hole on my belt!

I'll have to go and buy some cheap 'in-between' clothes at the weekend to keep me ticking over.

I've reached the point now where people at work are saying "Don't lose any more" etc which is quite difficult because I could quite easily stop now but I have to keep soldiering on!

I went to a meeting on Tuesday and the person who was running the meeting (who I haven't seen in about 3 months) pulled me to one side and asked if I was alright or whether I was ill. I told him the weight loss was intentional and he was much happier after that!

Anyway, that's my ramble for the day!

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Well done on the weight loss, you can't beat the feeling of having no clothes to wear because their too big rather than too small.
Its great to hear compliments and getting told 'not to lose anymore' but i listened too much and took my eye off the ball and i have been struggling to finish my journey.
Bless ya, Stu - that's lovely! Gives you a great excuse to go shopping!!! hehe - I'm sure your missus will love dressing you up in skinnier clothes! (Tesco and Asda are great when you don't want to spend a massive amount!)

Have a good time!



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Its a great feeling when all your clothes start to drop off you.Im going shopping for some cheap clothes tomorrow too put me on for now.
Well done so far.
Well done Stuart, I had the same trouble but only bought a pair of jeans for work and one for out of work. Isobel is right about Asda and Tesco, cheap and cheerful but good enough for the next few weeks.
Get saving though I went out with my fashion advicer (sister in law) lol on last bank holiday and spent £800 on a complete new wardrobe. It is without doubt the best day I have had for years.
Good luck with the rest of your journey.


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Stu what a joy having nothing to wear cos they're all too big - it is a great feeling isn't it, hope you have a good day shopping and I'm sure you'll feel great in your tux tonight.



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Cheers guys, both me and the missus are saving up money to go on a big blowout shopping spree when we both finish LighterLife!

Well done on the fab loss so far.

I agree with some of the other comments about not taking your eye off the ball. I did too for a combination of reasons including the compliments and lack of clothes.

Not sure what it is like for men, but primark has ben a god send for me for me to make up some very cheap and good looking work outfits. I am quite addicted.

You are at a great milestone so enjoy it



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Cheers guys, both me and the missus are saving up money to go on a big blowout shopping spree when we both finish LighterLife!


You will definately deserve it!

Well done on your brill weight loss!

Love Mini xxx

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