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Ive had enough but where is my breaking point

As you can see from my profile i have been on here for a number of months flitting from one "Diet" to another. I have been suffering with depression for the last 7 years but its come back with a vengance this last 12 months. Firstly I have had enough of living in the only clothes that fit me (Just about) and my god are they ugly clothes. I Feel consumed by Food constantly all day , thinking about what im going to eat, when ive ate i regret every morsel i put in my mouth. I'm just sick of it.
I'm getting married in June 2012 and i went along to a bridal shop-with my partner and i have never been as mortified in my life! I hated every second..But where is my breaking point im still eating a 2 finger Kit Kat with my Coffee, I'm still eating toast. I feel so weak willed and pathetic..im close to tears i dont have the energy got the battle ahead. :(
[Facts about me]
I am 26
Height : 5"7
Weight : Over 16st 9Lb
Clothes Size - 18-20 bottom -18-20 Tops
Bra size- no idea as i have non that fit properly
Shoe Size - 7.5
I have short black hair,
Hazel eyes,
I have Facial hair due to PCOS,
Im tired all the time
Im a mental health Worker
..I need help :(

I enjoy Fruit, Veg, Salad , Cycling but im too darn lazy to do it .:cry:
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Dave's little girl
I know EXACTLY where you are coming from.

I need to start and I need to start HARD. What diet plan are you looking to follow? I am going to be doing some old fashioned healthy eating and exercise.

Do you want to join me?
Hi Baby Cakes, Im just fed up im sick of thinking about food ! How on earth do i start when my frame of mind is awful x


Dave's little girl
Well you feel awful what would be the issue with starting? If you feel awful it can only have a good impact. Start small and build your way up. Start by setting a goal of say eating less chocolate, then less fried foods, then something else.

It is the little things that add up to make the difference. Consistency is the key. Believe me once you see a few pounds coming off your frame set will be there and you will strive to succeed.

Believe it or not that is the point I am fighting for this time around.
Would it be worth planning a full week's meals in advance and making sure there is nothing extra in the house. I am doing a total food replacement diet because I find it too difficult to have to think about food all the time. When I return to 'real food' I am going to plan out my meals well in advance and stick to them.

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