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I've had enough!!

Here I am at 3.31am after doing quite a bit of soul searching - I am fed up with myself for not giving this diet my all. Dont get me wrong I have had good results so far but not as good as last time round and I know the reason is because I am not doing this 100%. As of now it is 100% all the way for me - I am fed up with little bits here and there, I need to get my big bum into gear and get exercising. I want to lose weight, I want to be skinny and I AM going to get there. So tomorrow is a new day - from now onwards its 100% for me all the way and some exercising at least 4 times per week. I get the feeling that its quite slack on here at the moment and I for one am going to make the step and get back to my previous achievements of 4-5lbs per week, and if I dont want saggy skin then I need to get exercising and toning. At the end of the day its up to me!! I have written out some daily challenge sheets for myself and this is it now. I am working towards my goal 24/7 instead of 22/7. Come on everyone we all know this is hard but we have made the decision to do this so lets get on and do it - I for one do not want to have to do any extra weeks of SS just because of a tiny piece of this or that.
I am trying to think of it this way - one tiny blip could lead to another week of SS = £50 ( I have 4 tetras a day) - so what do I want that bit of choc or £50 to spend on myself when I am at goal- when you put it into perspective £50 is a hefty price for a blip - none of us would spend £50 on some chips etc so we need to start thinking logically about this.
Hope this motivates some of you, we need to remember that every time we reach for a cheat how much it is going to cost us in lbs and £'s in the long run.

So I am raising my glass of water and hope some of you do as well as here's to the new us!
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know exactly what you mean, and how you feel. I've joined the lent challenge as well no cheating for 46 days, when I think about the money I've wasted by not doing cd 100% I could cry :cry: I could have and should have been at goal a long time ago, but having a little taste of this and a little taste of that has stopped me aaarrgghhh. so like you I'm going to get my bum into gear and finally get to where I want to be.


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Hey there Tinkerbella, I know exactly where you are coming from as I have come to the same conclusion. I too have joined the Lent challange and am sticking to this 100%. Is going to be hard, but will be so worth it.

All the best. Charlie xx
Fantastic post Tinkerbella. Today is my first day on my first and last restart. I could kick myself for wasting the money I spent last time on CD as I have put back on most of the weight I lost. Well not just that money, I bought new clothes because of my loss and threw out the majority of my fat clothes...............so since putting back on, I have had to buy more fat clothes :eek: Am I made of bloody money?????

Anyway, today is the first day of my slim journey and the last day of being fat!


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Well said tinkerbella. It's a lot of money to waste if not following 100% and I think it can make the diet MUCH harder. (btw I'm so tight, I couldn't allow myself to cheat because of the money side :eek:). Thanks for the motivational post!


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Great post and so very true xx
Thanks for all your comments - so far so good today x xx


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well said, ive joined the lent challenge to xx;)
i love motivational threads. always the life blood of CD! if i can find them i'll post a pic of me before and then after CD last time. stuck to it 100% and had fab results then got preggers.
Well said Tinkerbella - glad to read you're feeling positive - keep it going and you'll soon be at goal ;)

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