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I've had enough!

I'm on day 13 & am thinking of jacking it all in.

I know most people here will either tell me to stay strong or that maybe this just isn't my time/diet so theres no real point of posting, but I just felt I had to write it down rather than deal with the conversations going on in my head!

Theres a part of me that now thinks I've learned my lesson & can eat healthily.

Another part says stick with it as it'll get easier.

Seem ridiculous as I was really strong over the weekend but I've been retaining water the last few days (after a marigold incident... don't do it!) & think I'll only be 2lb down at weigh in tomorrow. I managed that on slimming world!

Anyone else go through this phase?
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The Diet Guy

We all go through bad days and good days on the diet and the fact you had a good weekend means it is probably just that, remember this is the start of a week so can psychologically be tough but I promise you that if you stick to the diet you will lose weight quicker than slimming world (not bitching off SW just stating a fact). If you keep struggling though then why not move onto Cambridge 790 instead as this is just as good as SS in my opinion but you get the little evening meal and somehow it just isn't as hard to get your head round.



I can do this.
Hi, i agree with Mike, we all get times when we feel like packing it in, but we struggle on and when u get good result's it makes it all worth while. Take Mike's advice, try 790. I've lost 29lb, could'nt do that on sw.



Gone fishing
Agree with Mike there.

I remember going from "this is easy...I could do this forever" to "I've had enough...can't stand it any more", in the space of 5 mins:eek: It certainly is the easiest and the hardest diet out there, but it brings results.

Theres a part of me that now thinks I've learned my lesson & can eat healthily.
Hope this doesn't sound patronising, but I found that learning my lesson and applying what I had learnt was two completely different kettles of fish. You're on shaky ground there;)

Whatever you chose to do, will you be pleased with your decision tomorrow/next year? Will you be saying "I wish I carried on" or "I should have"?

Hope you find a way around this tough spell.
I felt the same!!!

It is your decision to make but do not be too hasty...i stopped for 4 days after 1 week and have restarted again 2 days ago after remembering why i started in the first place!!!

I really do not belaive there is another way you will lose a large amount quickly other than on a diet like cd...if yo are struggling and do not mind it taking longer maybe one of the other cd plans or sw/ww would be ok...just think carefully... i regret being weak now....
Sorry to hear youre having a bad time with CD. Theres no shame in admitting its not for you! Every diet cant and doesnt suit every person, I know I couldnt do CD but the important thing is you dont give up on sticking to your goal of losing weight. If CD isnt for you then its just a matter of finding one which is, theres a diet out there for us all, its just a case of finding the one which works for YOU and sticking to it.
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If it was a case of 'one diet suits all' then we'd all be on it, we'd all be losing weight and we'd all be happy .... unfortunately, there is no easy path to our weight loss goals - we just have to find the route that suits us best and keep chipping away.

The important thing is to keep going and never give up ... finding that a particular diet isn't working for you isn't failing in any way: you just need to either tweak that diet (as in Mike's suggestion with CD 790) or look into another route altogether. Good luck :)
Thanks everyone for your encouragement. Hopefully its just a few shaky days & I'll get my head back into it. Will give it at least until weigh in & then reassess from there.

Hope this doesn't sound patronising, but I found that learning my lesson and applying what I had learnt was two completely different kettles of fish. You're on shaky ground there;)
Not patronising at all! You are so right. I did Health Promotion as a minor in my degree & 7 years & 6 stone later I obviously am not applying what I learnt!

You lot are great!:) Through the ups & downs theres always someone who understands what you're going through. Maybe I should get all of my friends & family on CD then they'd be more helpful!


The Diet Guy
I have to say Karion made a super spot on point there, if I had a pound for every client who has said they have learnt their lesson and are going to eat salad and be healthy but then call back a few weeks later to start again I would be a rich man!! As it is I don't get a pound and I buy too many gadgets so I am not a rich man!!
Very true Mike but what you earn in merit from all of the amazing support that you give to people doing CD is worth far more than money!

Wish you were my CDC but don't think a 600 mile round trip every week would be very cost efficient. Just have to make the most of your wise words on here!

Thank you


The Diet Guy
Aww thanks for that :)

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

I do hope you decide to stick with it as i sure you will very quickly start seeing & feeling the benefits. Which ever you choose to do, may i wish you all the luck in the world.....xxx
Thank you everyone for your kind words yesterday. Think it must have just been a bad couple of days food wise & I'm going to learn from it.

Looks like I'm going to be down 2 1/2 for week 2 which is better off than on & hopefully will balance out with some bigger losses down the line.

Despite waking up at 4am in agony with my teeth (I'm in the middle of extensive dental work) I'm positive about the diet again. Probably helps that I couldn't face solid food anyhow!

:grouphugg:to all of you, you've diverted another one away from quitting. You really are great! :D

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