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I've joined....


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Well, I was intending to stay on Lipotrim a bit longer but I went to Waterstones after work and started reading the book (mine is on order) and I just couldn't help myself. Next thing I know I'm in Sainsburys stocking up on chicken, eggs and cottage cheese! Oh and some cream soda- sugar free of course!!!!

Tonight I'm going to have some chicken covered in tikka spice and some fromage frais! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Going to make a quiche for lunch tomorrow!

I'm very excited, FOOD!!!!!!!!
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hey lisa nice 1 ,the book is very interesting and it's so good that u made a descion ..

good luck hun !!


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It's been a struggle to make the decision...Lipotrim gives amazing results and I loved seeing the scales go down, BUT. It doesn't half make life dull and restricting.
Seriously, one more shake and I might have shoved pencils up my nose and started saying 'wibble'. (I miss Blackadder)

Keeping my fingers crossed I haven't put on 12 pounds tomorrow!
lisa u dont say how tall u are ...........

also would be a good to post what u are eating in the menu section !!!
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lisa u dont say how tall u are ...........

also would be a good to post what u are eating in the menu section !!!
I'm 5 foot 6 (and a half but that sounds a bit sad to write)

Yeah I'll start doing my menu plans tomorrow


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have you done the true weight thing on atkins babe? what is 127lbs in stones?


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127 is 9 stone 1- the weight I was when I got married.
Apparently my true weight is 10 stone 2... Just not enough for me!


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It's the lowest slimming world would allow me to set my target, I was happy at that weight!
tbh i think you're better off aiming for the dukan weight - it's far more achievable...

have you had kids? how many years is it since you got married?


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I got married 3 years ago next month.
I had my first child in 2006 and my second (and last) Sept last year.

I'll see how I go but we have a massive canvas of me and hubby on our wedding day on our lounge wall- I can't imagine not being that thin again!
That's way too low. A healthy BMI is 22, that would put you on a BMI of 20.5. You should aim for 136lbs as that will be a healthy BMI if you are not going to aim for the weight on the Dukan website. I think its important to remember we are not aiming to be thin we are aiming to be healthy. I'd love to be a size 8 but that would not be healthy for my body, so instead I'm aiming for a weight where my clothes look good but more importantly I'm healthy and reducing the risk of nasties like heart disease and cancer.
seconded!! :) but I still think you should stick to your dukan true weight as BMI's generally suck...and have been shown to be shoddy by the medical fraternity....

I don't think you've read the book yet, it could really benefit you to have a look at the bit on true weights and BMI...

I think my worry is that you're setting an unhealthy and unachievable goal and that you'll fail to reach and/or sustain this weight when you get there, then blame the diet and move onto the next diet...this is to be a lifestyle choice forever....

hopefully Jo will be able to explain this better x


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I thought 20+ was healthy?

Anyway, I'm a long way off either at the mo so I'm concentrating on getting out if the overweight bracket first!
20+ is healthy but the ideal BMI is supposed to be 22. Even though BMI should not be relied on for a whole number of reasons I think it gives you a good ballpark figure. Perhaps you may feel that the true weight is not low enough but set it as a goal for now and see how you feel when you get there. Even if you choose to try and loose more weight an intermediate goal may help you on your way. I do think that 127 is too low and there are just as many risks being underweight as there are being overweight. Also who wants to be on a diet for ages even if it does mean being very skinny at the end. Personally I can't wait to get to Consolidation so I can start eating different foods again and be more social!


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I just want to get back in my size 10 jeans :-(
I've got no size 0 intentions :-(


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Lisa honey...no sad faces on here please :D

A healthy BMI is 22, that would put you on a BMI of 20.5
actually a 'normal' BMI is down to 18.5

And you might get to 10st 2 and think wow i look fab :D

when i went to the gym a couple of years ago I was 10st 9 (im 5ft 6 too) and I got told i needed to get down to 9 1/2 stone. I was shocked. I look silly at 9 1/2 stone cos ive got very small top half and am bottom heavy so i start to look really out of proportion. (I know ive been there)

Are you the small boned on the dukan true weight thing? are you pear shape?

Im NOT telling you what you want is wrong, you do what you want. As long as you are in the normal category then thats fine by me xxx

get exercising and you might fit into those 10s before 9 stone 1!!!!


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Thanks. I was feeling a bit picked on last night!

I can't remember anything about being small boned etc?
I have an awful lot of excess skin on my tummy that no amount of exercise will shift and it does mean I need to lose more weight than I otherwise might have to just so I don't still look like my tummy is really fat.
I really want to join a gym but can't afford it, I'm trying to do more walking/wii fit but I much prefer the exercise bike/treadmill

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