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Ive just binned my scales...


Taking the Scenic Route..
Beacuase thats another downfall of mine...no matter how often i tell myself i will weigh myself weekly...its almost always a daily thing! Then i find myself getting discouraged if i see no change from 24hrs prior (even though i know i shouldn't be ) :break_diet:

Soo, i will be weighing myself in Boots every Friday! And it will also be something to look forward to :)

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reaching my goal
I weigh myself daily its a bad habbit i need to kick but i have learned to not feel down if the scales dont move . as long as they arent going up i dont care . Your not alone many of us do it x


Taking the Scenic Route..
Glad to know im not the only one Rose :eek:
Im kind of pleased i binned them, i know its best for me, because unfortunatley im an easy quitter. Hope this time round is different!! *crosses fingers*

good idea my scale habbit is getting crazy they are in the kitchen and I weight mutliple times a day LOL I am going to start doing it just every tuesday morning and hope for a nice surprise xx
Good for you!!!
I'm a complete scale junkie.... Have a wee, get on scales. Have a (very rare) pooh, get on scales. Wander past bathroom, get on scales!

Still, for me I find it helps. If I don't see what I expect it baffles me but never sends me down the wrong road!

I couldn't weigh myself in boots - I'd have to make sure I wore the EXACT same thong every week...god forbid if it rained and o got wet beforehand, I'd be a mess lol!
I meant THING not thong! Thought it was funny so decided not to edit it!
I can just see me debating which thong is the heaviest!!!


Taking the Scenic Route..
Hahahaha Lisaberry! I was laughing when i read "thong" i was thinking, you are exact arent you! :p
Ccolin good idea hun xx
i had visons of you standing every week on the scales in a certain thong LOL
Hahaha, that made me laugh!

I weigh myself every chance I get too. I weigh myself about 4 - 5 times per evening.
Unfortunately, if I don't see progress I do get discouraged. But then if I don't weigh myself, I can't see any progress and I could end up giving up too.
I have no spine!

I think it might be best for me to get rid of my scales. I don't know where the best place to put them is though, since I still need to be able to weight myself once a week.
Any suggestions?
But I'd still need it once a week.
I may put it in my car boot or something.
Since I'd need to go outside to get it, and it rains most of the time in Ireland :p

I think if I just don't see it, I won't be tempted

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