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I've just discovered the wonderful world that is buying the right size clothing!!


Slimming down the aisle
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I've never really sat down and tried to work out what size I am before. I guess I haven't really wanted to, it's not that nice when you're young and getting bigger! But being measured by my CDC has given me those measurements to have a look and I've just discovered how confusing it is!! I always buy size 24, generally. I figure that's the jeans that fit me, that's everything.

However I've looked just at a few size guides and it now is rather confusing! lol Bust wise I'm an 18-20. Waist wise I'm a 20-22 and hip wise I'm just a 24 almost 22. That's a rather large range and I'm quite glad I'm not trying to find a well fitted dress!! So far I've lost 5 inches from my waist and 4 from my bust but only 2 from my hips. I'm hoping my hips catch up next week! If they don't soon clothes will be a nightmare!!

I've always bought fairly frumpy clothes. Well, not frumpy. But loose fitting, trying to hide my lumps and bumps. But all I've probably been doing is making me look like a tent!! But maybe I should try some smaller tops and see how I go.
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I used to buy baggy things to cover up, nice & loose fitting was what I used to look for, usually in Evans :eek:. Not anymore!! But now there is another whole world of shops to consider and the way their sizes vary is mind boggling :(. I've been buying jeans from M&S, Per Una bootcut which are stretchy and come in a longer length. At my biggest I needed a 20 :(. A few weeks back I managed to get into a 14, :) weyhey I thought. Then earlier this week I went in and tried a 12 and it fitted :D. But then I tried one of those Boyfriend pairs of jeans in the sale in a 12, and they would not go past my hips :eek:. Yesterday I went looking for a dress to wear out to a special lunch next week. In House of Fraser I had to go upto a size 16 for the dress to fit :eek:. Back in good old M&S I found a gorgeous linen dress in a 14 that fit, and a very flattering jersey dress in a 12 that fit :D.

So, moral of the story, clothes shopping is a minefield, sizes vary hugely between stores. :)

Soon2bslimmer x


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Well I would heartily recommend going out shopping then!

Try places like Evans, New Look and Primark (I think I see they have started going up to a 20 in some things but not a huge range)

Get something fitted. All baggy stuff does is hang off your widest point and make you look blocky. I have boobs, so even though I am a size 14 on bottom, if its a fitted top I need a 16, as a loose top just hangs from boobs and makes me look like a solid square of flesh

Fitted is the way to go.

Go, have a wee scour of ebay too and see what you can find.


S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
p.s when I was at my biggest size 20-22, I looked like Spongebob squarepants if I wore anything non fitted. A huge square block on top and these (not so) wee legs paddling furiously underneath.


Slimming down the aisle
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Didn't Primark used to go to 20-22? Or have I made that up?! I still don't really like going shopping though, it just frustrates me! I don't think I'll have gone down a size in trousers yet as my hips are still fairly wide being a 24 while my waist is a 20ish. It's extremely annoying!! Make finding jeans that fit quite difficult as they're often rather loose around my waist. But hopefully it also means that if I can drop some inches from my hips I would drop sizes quite quickly. But who knows, we'll see how it goes I guess!


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I have the same problem with sizes!I am bigger size wise on my hips than my waist so I have to buy bigger sizes to fit my hips and then get Mum to sew the waist or I have 3 inches of material spare in the waist which is really uncomfortable.


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I always find that buying clothes are a nightmare. If I get something for one of the cheap shops I'm always bigger (which doesn't feel good) but take a smaller size in Evans!

Looking forward to having every shop on the high street available to me.


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I seem to have the opposite problem - my hips are always smaller than my waist so it looks like I have saddle bags! :D

I recently brought some new clothes that actually fit - I'm a size 18 everywhere I've tried now, hallelujah!! xx


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i am now in a 16 in most shops......woo hoo (from a 22-24) BUT believe me, with this slimming malarky comes not having any money!!!! i never used to have hardly any clothes but now i have got LOADS, i used to always wear my work clothes and now i dont even like wearing them for work!!! i have just got home a while ago and i have already stripped and got my nice clothes on!! well....you cant be seen in a BMW (my slimming present to myself) in crappy clothes!! well thats my theory and i m sticking to it!!! lol

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