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ive just had an idea........

i was reading a thread on here about the bars not being filling etc, I agree i could eat more than 1 at a time so I have removed the bars from my house so I cant have them but just thought when my cdc comes (every 2 weeks) I could order just 1 bar and have it as a treat when hes gone , a special treat once a fortnight, something to look forward to.

What do you think?? godd idea or bad??
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I'm going to stay away from the bars as I've heard they can slow down your weight loss if you are sensitive to them.

I didn't lose an oz when I had the bars on Atkins, so I'd rather not know what I'm missing with the CD bars....


A pound at a time
I think that's a good idea. It's only one bar every two weeks so it shouldn't slow you down and yes it's nice to have something to look forward to. I can't have the bars. The 2 weeks in a row that I lost 2 pounds a week were the 2 weeks when I had a bar a day.
I think it's a good idea hun...when i first did cd i didn't have bars til week 3 and even then i limited myself to 3 a week. Every time i have tried to re-start i have used bars and ended up having more (cos i bought in bulk). Big mistake cos here i am again but this time i'm doing it how i originally did and when i get back to week 3 i'll limit myself. I do love the bars but think some people are sensitive to them and well i find the whole chewing/saliva thing just stimulates my appetite. Why don't you get 2 a week and have one as a treat after your weigh in and the other as a weekend treat or something?xx
Yes the weeks ive had a bar each day seem to be slow loss weeks and like i said I want more after, also if i bought more than 1 I would need to eat them.

:confused:funny because I have a box of mini mars, snickers etc in the kitchen and they dont bother me at all but if I had a box of cd choc bars in the kitchen I would have to eat them:confused:

So I think it would be a good compromise and something to look forward to.xx
You have a box of mini mars bars in your kitchen :eek:? Where do you live?!!

Funny I ran out of bars (Caramel is the one I get as that is my favourite) and although I see my CDC weekly, we weren't meeting this week as we were both away. However, I think she gets back today and I am just thinking about calling her tomorrow to get more bars as I really don't like the tetras and am keeping them for when I really need them.

I lost 3 lbs this week, which I am really pleased about, so the bars are not slowing my weight loss. And I think I have them under control now -- half with my afternoon coffee and and still have half to look forward to with my mid-evening coffee.

Really missed my half of bar this afternoon, and I'm not particularly less hungry for it. Even if I do make it to next week, I think I would get a limited amount of bars.

We need something to look forward to on this diet I reckon!!
hehe frances you will have to fight hubby and 2 kids for the mars bars.lol

well done on your losses.xx


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I only have about 3 bars a week - I love the caramel ones, but I think of them as 'treats' :)

I wouldnt say they affect my losses at all - but then everyone is different and some are sensitive when some arent.
Last time (first time) I did CD I had a choc orange bar or choc bar every night and thoroughly enjoyed it with a glass of sparkling water!!! Everyone is different but it did not slow my weight loss, it always averaged out to 3lbs a week over the month.

Treat yourself! CD style!:p
I have them everyday and i don't think its made a difference to my loss, but i only have the peanut ones. I love them as they are much higher in fibre than the soups and shakes.


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