I've lost all self-confidence!

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  1. Charlie's journey

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    I'm new to the website and a tad bit confused by it.

    So my story, in the past year I've managed to put on 2 and a half stone. Purely, through eating out of boredom and comfort. I was in complete denial that the weight was bothering me until a month ago I got fed up of searching through all of my clothes to find something apart from leggings to fit nicely.

    Back in Junior school, I was bullied a lot due to being a bit 'chubby' as they call it. From then on, my self-confidence has gone down in my appearance. Although, it's got unbearable atm. I feel big in every thing I wear and it doesn't help that I'm the biggest out of my friends. I've not felt this low for years and I'm only 21!

    I've been on slimming world for 3 weeks now, following the extra easy plan.

    First week I lost 5lbs.
    Second week I stayed the same.
    Third week I lost 1lbs.

    Even though I'm loosing, I feel miserable about myself. I've been staring in the mirror on a daily basis getting more frustrated with myself for letting my eating habits get so bad.

    I now have stretch marks across my stomach and feel even more self-conscious. Need some reassurance from some one that this diet is worth sticking to, as I'm clueless as to when I will notice any difference physically in my weight.

    Love, a struggling slimmer! Xx
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  3. Welshsam

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    Sorry to hear you're going through a tough time things will get better, trust me. Seems like you're doing really well. Stick at it and I'm sure yourself and others will notice a difference soon. Set yourself small goals and stop beating yourself up about it. The main thing is you're doing something about it :)

    Good luck!!!
  4. Charlie's journey

    Charlie's journey New Member

    Thank you! This is the first structured diet I have done, in the past I've attempted calorie counting which never seemed to shed any of the weight. Always thought I'd be hungry on a diet like slimming world, but it's turned out to be really useful and filling. Hoping I can snap out of this low mood soon.

    Good luck with your journey. Xxx

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