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I've messed up the last 4 days, help!!

Hi all, I have had a terrible 4 days. Not been on plan and it has been the worst falling off the wagon for me since I start sw 29 December.
I know it is linked to totm as I always get huge cravings and this month has been worse than ever. I have never messed up this bad :sigh:
I have been so proud of myself having lost 10 pounds since Christmas. But am worried the last 4 days may mean that at wi on Wed morning, I could have gained most of the 10 pounds back.
I will be back on plan tomorrow, but is it too late to undo the last 4 days, can I stick to plan Mon/Tue and minimise the gain? Sorry guess I need a whinge and some advice really!! xx
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4 bad days may not equal that big a gain - depends how bad bad has been.

Time to draw that line and get back on plan going forward from here. You may be able to minimise any gain - but the most important thing is to get back on track and accept that any gain you may have was just a one-off and aim to remove any gain the following week.
Hi Josiecat

Think about all the reasons you started slimming world in the first place to try and motivate yourself.

Try and have the SW foods you like the most tomorrow and Tuesday perhaps doing one of your favourite slimming world recipes and you will probably STS or have a small gain.
Well done for coming on here and also saying you've had a bad 4 days, now you know what to do you can relax and get back on that wagon! :)
Hi Josie!

Don't worry if you gain hon, it'll all come off again when you get back on plan. A blip on your star week is perectly nomal and acceptable in my book he he!! xx
Hi Josie

Not to worry, at least you've recognised it and haven't given up, that's a great achievement in itself! We all have those times, shake yourself off and start fresh tomorrow, what's done is done and I'm sure it won't be as bad as you feel it is at the moment!
i too have had a bad 4 days, but tomorrow is a new day and i shall be back to basics again. good luck for your weigh in....and mine!
Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement. I am back on track today and happy to be over the 4 day nightmare. It'll be a gulpy moment when I wi on Wed but what's done is done andI am back on my way to success. When is your wi in Dawnyo?
hiyer, well done for getting back on track, that's the hardest part, after the weekend i've done the same:D

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