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I've really hit the wall today - help please!!

:cry: I have felt so great now for the last 23 days but today I have hit the wall big time. I have not been sleeping - got a lot of stress at the mo - and my CDC has reassured me that it is not the diet that is causing my insomnia, racing heart and brain that just WON'T switch off!!!!! I lie in bed at night with my eyes shut and I hover between awake and asleep and it is driving me nuts!!! I am soooooooo tired it is making me really ratty. Does anyone know if I am able to take herbal Nytol? I don't want to take anything that will interfere with ketosis. I am still so doing this diet 100% I just would like some sleep :mad:
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Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Getting no sleep night after night is not fun.

Not sure about the herbal Nytol - but I took (and occasionally still take) the normal Nytol - the blue packet, and this worked a treat !

Libs xxx

Sorry, i don't know anything on the Nytol subject, but i really hope you get some sleep soon!
I don't kow about nytol sorry. But you could try some visualisation techniques. A bit like counting sheep but i find it really helps. as it clears your mind ready for sleep.

Visualise a white screen in front of your eyes, it must fill your field of vision. Then a tiny black dot in the centre, make this black dot grow until it fills the white screen entirely. Make it grow as slowly as you can. You will find that your mind can't race while your doing it and so it will completely relax you and almost put you in a trance state. The theory is that you will just drift off to sleep.
Hi Chelsea Lou
I really really sympathise as I go through regular bouts of this !
The more you try and tell yourself to switch off, the worse it gets.

It gets to the stage where you`re going to bed `expecting` not to sleep.
The trick is, to break the cycle and the only thing I found that worked was the normal Nytol. There are two strengths.

Once you`ve managed a few normal nights, you`ll not need the Nytol, and will probably get back into your normal routine.
Good Luck


Plod, plod, plod.....
Poor you, this is horrid.
I have been a poor sleeper for years and have just found something which helps me.
When lying awake I talk to myself ( silently, in my head, ) in a dull, monotone voice, describing all the things that come into my head.
e.g - a beach, white sand, small waves lapping, crab comes out and bites my toe........blah, blah ... You get the idea.
I find it works, I suppose I'm boring myself to sleep.
The other stress buster I use is to imagine a high shelf with shoe sized boxes on them. When a 'worry' comes into my mind, I put it in the box, slam down the lid and tie it with string, so it can't get out. I decide that I can't think about that now, I'll do it on Monday - or some other time. And when the little blighter tries to creep out of the box, I slam the lid on his fingers and sellotape it down :). Mad probably, but it mostly works.

Hope you feel better soon.


Mummy of 2!
hugs chelsea lou :hug99: insomnia is horrible:(

have you tried a hot bath etc?? i find using my daughters johnsons baby nighttime moisturiser makes me sleepy. i've used a pillow spray before too and that worked really well.


Stubborn tortoise
No idea about the Nytol, but wanted to say hang on in there... we all have rough patches and you are doing so well honey... stay strong. Try to let go of the worries - or face & deal with them - and the insomnia should stop. Hugs,
Bless you, I get this too but it seems to be when I am in ketosis. First time it happened I had 2 hours sleep in two days. I hope you find something that works x
I have a terrible time sleeping at night, and have for years. I've found that over-the-counter antihistamines will sometimes help, but if you are trying to avoid medication, try turning on your radio at a very low volume. I've found that if I set it to all all-talk station, that quiet blah-blah-blahing of the radio announcer will usually send me right to sleep.

Hope you get past your insomnia soon. It's no fun!
I am a bad sleeper as well, although actually since I started CD is has been better. I was worried about something the other day though and I woke up at 4 and just couldn't get back to sleep at all, so my theory (and it's only a theory) is that once you wake up you can't get back to sleep as easily as you might normally do.

When I in a stressful time and can't sleep I have found that actually getting out of bed and having a cup of black coffee (without watching TV or using the computer, just sitting with the coffee) and then going back to bed helps possibly because it helps quieten my worries. It might not work for you, but it might be worth a try. Sounds daft because coffee should wake you up but it worked for me.

Thanks everyone for your helpful advice. Last night I was laying down on the sofa watching telly and I said to Jess not to wake me if I fall asleep, which is what happened. I did wake up at 4am because the cats were going spare chasing each other lol. So a better night for me. Maybe it is just a 'bed' thing at the moment, cos I could fall asleep standing at a bus stop at the mo lol.

I will certainly try the tip about boring myself to death - that should work hahaha
A couple of drops of lavender oil either on the pillow or on a hanky helps me relax and drop off. If it's really bad I use my mp3 player and listen to something soothing like Enigma and tell myself I'll listen to it quietly and not worry about going to sleep, I've usually dropped off by about the 3rd track :)

Annie x
A couple of drops of lavender oil either on the pillow or on a hanky helps me relax and drop off. If it's really bad I use my mp3 player and listen to something soothing like Enigma and tell myself I'll listen to it quietly and not worry about going to sleep, I've usually dropped off by about the 3rd track :)

Annie x
I love Enigma! I usually have the radio on and listen to the Chill radio station, which plays soothing music, no adverts, no news bulletins. Usually this does the trick, but not lately. All my cd's are packed at the moment but perhaps I ought to open the box and dig out my Enigma!!!


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Chelsea, my hubby has lots of bouts of this type of thing and the only thing that has ever worked for him is the lavender oil on the pillow and some rescue remedy to calm him down, always works a treat!
Hope it improves soon!
my mum listens to bbc radio 7, books at bedtime etc, she finds it helps her nod off.

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