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I've screwed up! update!

I've really struggles to get fully 100% back on plan since my planned weekend off for my wedding anniversary and wedding reception that I went to, which was 10th and 11th July. I've not got 2 weeks and 1 day (from now!) to lose 16lbs to start my fertility treatment. I know it's all my own fault, I chose to eat and I will suffer the consequences. I've had a really rough couple of weeks family wise; suicidal brother, Dad trying to get in touch with me after 7 or more years, seeing my mum after 2 and a half years and my H getting a realisation about the fact we could be having a baby soon really hit him, and he got very wobbly about it. I know these are all 'excuses', but they all happened within 7 days, and getting back on to SS 100% just was not something that I was going to acheive.

So 16lbs in 2 weeks just isn't going to happen, but I'm going to aim for 12, which based on my stats I think is doable!


On day 3 now, been 100% for 2 days, woohoo! Checked for ketones this morning,and they're present and correct too! And 5lbs down already!!!! 7lbs until I reach my 12lbs target!
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Sorry to hear you're having a tough time Ruth. Good luck losing the 12lbs and with the fertility appointment :)


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Ruth, hon just wanted to send you big hugs Im sorry to here you have been having a tough time with things at the moment.. Life does bring us all different situations and some things are definately harder to handle than others and I definately used to turn to food..

Try and jump back on today and I am sure your first week you will have a great loss and it will spurr you on for the next week and 12 pounds is definately very doable if you stick with it. Remember to drink at least 2.5 litres of water if you can more and it will really help.

I also want to wish you all the best for your fertility treatment.. something close to my heart.. Will be thinking of you xxxx
Aww Ruth, I feel for you as I feel the same. You can do it - it's so much harder after a break planned or not.
Good luck with your treatment x
Thanks all!

Day 1 nearly over with, starting to feel very hungry now, so I'll have my 2nd tetra soon. Drinking lots though. I really hope I can get at least 12lbs, I think the fertility people will let me have the treatment then!


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Hi Ruth, it is hard getting back 100% after you have dabbled with food plus with the family issues you mention I can only imagine what you are going through.

I found it tough after my 810 week and then picking round the edges but... I started 100% last Tuesday and apart from an 810 day yesterday for a meal with family I have been 100% and it feels great.

Get through today, feel that real sense of achievement tomorrow morning of being 100% today and then do it all over again. I was seriously tempted with chocolate and wine yesterday - tempted by my mind not anyone else - but I stayed strong and felt really great about that this morning. It is those feelings you want that will help you get back in to the swing of things.

Fingers crossed for your appt, hope you get the treatment you want from them. My next appt has been put back by a week so I have a little more time. Bittersweet though as I don't want any delays!!

Take care and let us know how you get on x
Good luck on you 100% days Ruth. I hope you lose enough to get fertility treatments. Whenever you are tempted just come on here and post and stay away from any food. I am sure you can do it, everyone is behind you :D


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yays for day 3! im with you!


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Well done Ruth - great stuff, and excellent motivation to keep to 100%!
Well done Ruth for getting back on track, you are doing so well:D Best of luck with your fertility appt too:cross:
Ruth, I really feel for you going through such a tough time at the moment but well done for getting back on track. Go girl you can do it and remember nothing tastes as good as going to bed knowing you've done a 100% day.


One day at a time!
Well done for getting back on track - hope today is easier still now you are in ketosis. Sounds like life has been throwing a lot of rubbish at you lately so keep focussed on the positives and that appointment date and you'll get there - hope today is just as successful as yesterday was!
Thanks all! Day 4 today, another 1.5lbs down this mornig, woop woop, which makes 6.5lbs in 3 days!!!
Well done - more off!

I used to weigh myself all the time until I got scared that it was turning into an obsession - I now only do it once a week. It was a hard habit to break though. Got jumpy when I went near the bathroom because I knew they were there. Mad!
I way morning and night, I'm really bad, lol!
I got to the stage where I could not come upstairs without sneaking into the bathroom to see what I weighed.

I don't get weighed at home any longer - just at my weekly weigh-in now.
Well a week after re-starting, I've lost 9lbs, which is the weight I gained plus 1lb more!

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