I've shrunk my jacket!


Back again!
I recently bought a lovely knitted jacket/cardi from Boden (in the sale) and just bunged in the wash with everything else not realising it was 100% wool and even though it was only a 40 degree wash it still shrunk. I can still get it on but the arms don't quite reach down to my wrists and it's now a cropped jacket - to the delight of my DD it fits her, although still a bit short as she's not much smaller than me! Having checked the label (too late of course) it says hand wash only - oops - in non-biological powder - double oops.

Is there any salvation, if I wash it again, but by hand can I stretch it, or will it just end up out of shape, at least as it is my DD will wear it.

What a waste, only worn it a couple of times and really liked it, I got it at half price but still paid £35 for it which is a lot of money to only wear a few times.

Not a happy Dotty :( :(
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Lovin it !!! :)
oh dear - I have done the same myself and I sympathise with you.
Unfortunately, once the fibres have heated up and got smaller there is not alot you can do to get them back to their original form. - Sorry ! You can pull and pull and they will give a bit but it will never regain the shape.
Maybe it will be ok as a 3/4 sleeve - just look in town there is alot of cropped styles around at the moment - I bought a cropped cardi with sleeves that stop at the elbow myself this week - only for oh to say " looks abit small to me " to which I indignantly replied - "yeah well I am small and anyway - its all the fashion " lmao


Back again!
Thanks Fitz I had a feeling it wouldn't go back. It wouldn't be so bad if it were now 3/4 length sleeves, trouble is they stop about 4 inches from my wrists and it just looks shrunk :rolleyes:

Oh well DD is happy.

Thanks again