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I've started, wish me luck

Well I've had my first meal replacement on CD. I had a light breakfast - just a couple of weetabixes - so I thought I'd start at lunchtime. Slightly unorthodox perhaps, but there's no time like the present. My CD counsellor is awfully nice - she started off with LL so she's been there done that, which is good. I'm starting on sole source plus which is 615kcal/day - which gives me four sachets a day. I tried the chocolate velvet tetrabrik, which was ok, suprisingly. I'm on a bit of a New Diet High at the moment - I'm sure reality will kick in soon, but at the moment I'm feeling really brilliant - positive and raring to go.

Need to get some Ketostix but the chemist was out of them.

Erm, should I post a mini bio on here or on the newbie forum?
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Welcome and good luck, the first few days are the worst but once they've passed you won't be so hungry and will have a bit more energy. Just keep focussed on your first WI to keep you going if you feel you're struggling!
thanks everyone, very kind.

This is the first time I've done total meal replacement. It's going to be weird. I've dabbled with Slimfast (hasn't everyone?) to no avail. I lost 2.5 stone with WW pre-wedding, and got down to a size 8/10 and kept it off for a good six months until I got pregnant. Pregnancy was a disaster (apart from the happy outcome) and the second pregnancy even worse, and I've been no less than a size 16 since then, but mostly an 18. It was buying my fist size 20 and realising I was well into "obese" that prompted me to take stock and make a Big Decision. My other half is very supportive.

I'm trying to focus on the end result, and on what/how I would like to eat when I get there. Low GI and bags of exercise I think. At present my physical lethargy makes exercising a real chore, but I'm hoping to pick it up a bit as a I get smaller.

I'm really enjoying reading your stories and seeing your inspirational pics. Looking forward to chatting more.


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Good luck, I'm more than half way through day 2. It's not so bad I've found. If you get hungry too soon like I did this afternoon, just remember why you are doing it and sip your water.
Good luck and well done for taking such a big step! Also well done for starting today, it could have been easy to think you may as well start tomorrow, so I think that's really good. Good luck for your first week, you'll be feeling great before you know it! x
Good luck x
thanks again everyone. Just had my second pack - spicy tomato - it tasted really sweet to me, weird. I guess there's aspartame in it? I do feel a bit uncomfortable about the artificial-ness of the CD mixes, as I usually try to avoid aspartame - but needs must. Means to an end etc.

I've just been reading some VLCD blogs, and am totally fired up.

Off to have some water now, and try out a warm chocolate mint shake.

Thanks again for the warm welcome. I'm just going to focus on getting to WI#1 and updating that ticker.
Good luck hun, as someone said above, first few days are the hardest but once ketosis kicks in you are in for a grand ride, keep up the spirit and all the best.
choc mint was vile. bleurgh.

where can I get a shaker? I'll take a tetra to work tomorrow but I can't cope with the thought of lumpy shakes so I think I need something to help make them nice and smooth <shudder>
I got a "manual" shaker from my CDC but to be honest I dont use a great deal. I always use an electric hand blender which gets rid of the lumps. Either add ice to make them ice cold or have them hot. Dont do lumps and room temperature! Good luck - first few days are hard but it does get easier LOL Sxxx


Loves being slim!
I got a shaker from the councillor too, but I did see them in sainsburys and tescos. If you look where the fitness stuff or body building shakes are, they have them there.


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Welcome & good luck on your weight loss journey.:) xx

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