Ive taken the bull by the horns and booked an appointment to see my CDC tonight!!


Hi Ya

I have been feeling really deflated lately and I had a problem trying to get in touch with CDCs, so I had just decided to give up. But I started getting more and more angry with myself. So I rang up to get the numbers again and Im going tonight!! I wont be able to start until Sunday or Monday because of a pre arranged dinner party on saturday night but I will be starting after that. I really need to do it this time. I cannot fail!!! Its not an option!!!
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Good Luck Claire. You can do it!!!!

Keep in touch with yr CDC if you are having any problems and post on here too. Look forward to hearing how well you've done!


Hi Ya

To be honest I am thinkin that even if my CDC isnt everything that she perhaps should be (and I havent found that out yet, Im just saying if) I can at least have the support of you guys and we can trundle along together on this exciting but not so easy journey.

I have met with the CDC for the first meeting and am now armed with enough shakes etc for 2 weeks. My CDC is away on hols for next week, so I had to get 2 weeks worth or risk running out. Im gonna start on Monday.
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Sending you lots of positive thoughts for Monday Happygal! :)


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Good luck for Monday HappyGal :D

...and enjoy your 'last supper' at the weekend !!:p


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Oooh Good Luck! I'll be starting on Tuesday I think so fingers crossed for us both!!! :)


Cait - Im glat there is another person starting. fairfat&forty(ish) started today but she hasnt been on yet and I am just after posting on butterflys thread who had their first day today and has done really well.

Iil I think started today too (If thats the right name Im awful with names).

Thanks for your support Libbie and Debz.