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Ive tried all the rest & have now found Lipotrim!

Hi :sign0144:
I'm called Viv & I'm a 46yr old mum to two grown up kids & I recently became widowed:cry:.
I have struggled for yrs with my weight & have tried every diet ive ever heard of without any being right for me:sigh:
My daughter Zowie recently started Lipotrim & is on her 5th day & has already lost 7lb:happy096:

I did have initial worries about going onto the Lipotrim plan myself as I'm diabetic & suffer High Blood Presure..after speaking with the man in the local chemist who supplies Lipotrim locally & visiting my G.P yesterday it was agreed i can do the Lipotrim planned diet as long as my medical problems are monitored carefully:)
So i have started today & I am determined this time I am going to do this...
I have such a lot of weight to loose & I have looked at the sucess stories here & their amazing...these kind of things is what will keep me going..knowing this really can work if i choose to stick to it...which i intend to:)

I have had a dull headache most of the day but its nothing i cant handle...I havent been hungry at all yet!

Looking forward to getting through this like everyone else here..

Viv x
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hi and welcome viv, just said hiya to zowie, you can both give each other the support to reach your goals, and don't forget to keep us all updated on your journey.
good luck and you'll soon be in ketosis then its downhill all the (weigh)


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Welcome Viv,

I am very sorry for your loss:hug99: please accept my Deepest Sympathy.

Well done on your daughter for losing 7lb!!!:happy096:

I did have initial worries about going onto the Lipotrim plan myself as I'm diabetic
Did anyone tell you to split your packs and instead of having three meals a day to have six mini meals spread throughout the day to balance blood sugar?

This can help in the first week or so of your diet and longer if need be.

You must make each half up fresh each time and consume within 15 to 20 minutes as some of the vitamins are water-soluble.

The dull headache is down to carb withdrawal and can also be from caffeine if you have cut it out.

Good to hear you are not feeling hungry, well done on getting your first day done and dusted.:)

Here is a link for a step by step guide to help you put up a weight tracker.


I hope you will make yourself at home and if you need any help please ask.

Love Mini xxx


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hi Viv welcome and good luck with your LT journey x
Thanks for all your welcoming messages..
its great to see there is so much support here...

Mini ...I havent been told to split the packs, but i understand what your saying about it helping..at the moment it seems to be ok...but if i experience any probs i will try what you said to see if it helps...

Thanks for the support & welcome

viv x


Here for the Journey
Hi Viv
Already posted on Zowie's thread to both of you but special welcome to you too. Enjoy minis for the extra support and loads of fun x
I am a complete forum virgin so not really sure how this works but I love all the support that is going on here. I am on my third day of Lipotrim and have to say I could eat the arm off myself! But I have not faltered and am hoping when the ketosis kicks in the hunger will fade - is that right? I am a veteran ww yoyo dieter and have just turned 40 - it's crunch time for me. I am going to give this 100% and would appreciate any support! Thanks!


Here for the Journey
Welcome Jacqueline
Want support? You got it girl


Ancient Egypt Nut!
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Welcome to Minimins Viv:D:D:D

I hope you have a chance to browse around the site a bit and see how many different weightloss programmes and support there is for everyone. We are all at different stages of our own journeys so I hope you will feel as though you are with like-minded souls who understand.

We also have lots of other topics we all chat about and share our own experiences if we want to. Lots of laughs, and tissues with hugs when there's tears of pain.

Looking forward to seeing you on the boards and getting to know you better. Any questions about anything at all, then please feel free to post and ask and one of us will be there as soon as possible.
Lacey :)


I know I can do it...
Viv - welcome to the forum - you'll find it fantastic for the support. I find just being able to log-in here helps me to focus on why I am dieting.
Thanks for everyones welcome:)
I'm on my 3rd day now & so far so good...i did experience a banging headache the first two days but this morning it seems to have gone thankfully!
I havent been hungry yet & feel ok...
The worry i had was my diabetees & high blood preasure which i was advised i had to keep a close eye on...
so far my sugar level has dropped but not to anything worrying & my blood preasure was a little high to begin with but has now seemed to even out ok...
so i'm looking forward to reaching somewhere to towards the weight loss i want to loose...
I intend to take things one day at a time & not look too far in front...i dont want to disapoint myself if i dont loose what others have in their first week..my daughter Zowie lost 7lb in her first four days which is amazing...shes still loosing & i am soooo proud of her:happy096::happy036:
I have found drinking boring old water a bit of a drag & decided yesterday to try sparkling water which i have to admit made it easier to drink...
i prefare to have the soups for my dinner & tea...subconciously i think it makes me think ive had a meal! i dunno...maybe its just me..has anyone else found they feel the same?
oh well as long as it works I'll do my best to stick with this...looking forward to next Friday when i go for my first weigh in...fingers crossed!

Viv xx


soon to be minnie mouse
S: 11st0lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st10lb(6.49%)
yes you're through the worse now viv, ketosis will have kicked in by now and you will be losing body fat now so well done. as for the sparkling water it does slow some peoples weight losses down so be careful there.


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sparkling water slows weight loss??????????? really???!!!! EEK!
Hello all

Hello every body...im 24 and have been unhappy with my weight since my first child was born 7 years ago so ive decided to join the cambridge diet...im so dissappointed in myself coz i was doing so well then had a friday nite with the girls!!..boohoo!! i went straight back on the diet on the saturday but im not sure if ive blown the whole thing coz i cant get hold of my consultant!! help!!

Thank u!! Minaxx:confused:


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S: 17st2.0lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 11st2.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 4st7.5lb(26.46%)
Hey Mina! Hello and welcome!
You definately have not blown the whole thing! You are back on track and thats what matters! It can be tough at times but really worth it! keep it up and the weight will just melt off you.
Good luck
Diane x
thank u!!

Thank you sooo much diane all i needed was a little boost!!! im gonna stick to it because its only me im letting down and its not worth it for a nite that will end in a hangover..!! thanx again..xx


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