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I've worked it out!!!

I know why I've been staying the same!! It's so obvious I could kick myself!! I've come across a few reasons.

  1. My 'diet' was boring. My body got complacent. I've changed it. Not the same breakfast every day, not the same dinner or lunch every day, not even the same snacks. It also includes a lot more fruit, veg and salad which is extrememly filling!
  2. Not enough exercise. I've stepped it up this week - pun intended - I've been on two decent walks so far, planning on another one today and tomorrow... as well as my golf today. I've found my pedometer, and although 10,000 steps is my main aim, my first one is 7,000.
  3. I haven't been measuring my milk or orange juice! The milk was the first one that was brought to my attention, as my mum mentioned that she was going to get a little one pint cartoon to take to work with her etc. Then she said that my dad had told her we get through 4 pints a day between us - and only my mum and I have the skimmed milk. Then it was pointed out to me that I have lots of coffee at work, and that uses semi skimmed milk. So I've been going over my points by at least 2 a day! :eek:
Then when I was getting my orange juice at breakfast today, I decided to measure it 'just in case'! Turns out I've been having about an extra 25ml a day... not much, but it works out nearly a point a week.

So hopefully, things will be better on Monday, or I'm even prepared to wait until next Monday to see a decent result, as I've only realised two days before weigh day - But at least I know now!! :)
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Queen of the Damned
Really pleased for you Sparkle. Being able to assess what you are doing, and make the necessary changes is brilliant :cool:


escaping the fat
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I remember going to ww and going through something like this. Mine was bread, we were supposed to weigh it at the time, i always boughtthick sliced bread, never weighed it, the book said a slice so i had a slice but it fact it actually weighed double the medium sliced loaf so i was in fac having 2 slices. Over a week that adds up.
You have done well to reassess and im sure your changes will make a difference. Good luck.
VERY good point about the milk. I don't measure my milk either, I just assume that I'm within my daily allowance...I think I'll follow your lead on that and measure my allowance out every day, that way I can see for sure that I'm not having more than I should be.

Glad to see you're back on the 'feeling positive' wagon! :)
One leader always told us to make sure and point all of our BLT's ( Bites, licks and tastes) if we found things slowing down, I always find I forget about that one square of choc I rob on one of my nieces etc. Pointing absolutely everything really is the only way to go.

Congrats on realising the little things that add up and fixing it and again well done on your loss this week.
Hi Sparkle

Really good points realised and addressed. I bet you will not only get the results you want this week now but also enjoy your meals much more too.

Dizzy x


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Well done Sparkle. :D its brilliant that you have identified some things that have tripped you up a bit.

Its so easy to do, and for me years ago when I did WW it was milk.. I never used to count it either. :eek:

I think variety in our daily food too is best, as its so easy to get bored with it... and I am trying not to fall into that trap either since coming back onto food.

Now doing WW properly, am doing a daily plan and trying to have new and more interesting things. :)

Keep up the great work Sparkle, you are doing so well.

Deb x

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