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IWW's food diary

Hi, I would be interested in any feedback. I have been following SW diet since feb (7 weeks) and have so far lost 13 and a half pounds but have about 2 stone still to go, eek!

Would love to post daily food diary here just for advice and to remind myself what I've actually had!!

6th April 2011

Breakfast - Muller yoghurt, 2 x tangerines

Lunch - tuna salad (lettuce, cherry toms, spring onions, radishes, cucumber), Hartleys jelly, Muller yoghurt

Dinner - veg stir fry with noodles and soy sauce, Muller yoghurt

Snacks - 2 x alpen light, 2 x plums, muller light, strawberries and hartleys jelly

7th April 2011

Breakfast - Muller yoghurt, 2 x plums, 1 x tangerine

Lunch - ham salad, hartleys jelly, tangerine

Dinner - will be pasta arrabiata - pasta, passata, chilli flakes, garlic, onions and probably a yogurt or fruit

Snacks - fruit, jelly, yoghurt

I absolutely love muller lights and eat loads! not sure that is a good thing!
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I am no expert but looks okay to me.:)
Maybe put what day you are on, ie red/green etc and what were your HEA/B's and number of syns (can't remember if you did that!), I find it helps to note these incase you miss them and sometimes I change what type of day I am on when I do my diary!
Even note any exercise:p or be honest and put if you have a bad day etc

Your weight loss has been really good, well done, keep it up:D
Thanks for that. Will try to remember to add those things you mentioned.

Saturday 8th August

Breakfast - fruit (kiwi, tangerine, plum) and Muller yogurt (vanilla), alpen light (half HEB)

Lunch - ham salad (lettuce, cabbage, cherry toms, radishes, beetroot and cucumber), Alpen light (half HEB), Muller light (strawberry)

Snacks - quarter tin heinz baked beans, Hartleys jelly (half a syn), SW pancake (eggs, sweetener and vanilla essence) with chopped fruit, Curly Wurly (6 syns)

Dinner - salmon with sweet chilli sauce (1 and a half syns), couscous and salad (too warm to cook!!)

Drinks - coffee with milk (HEA) and water
Total syns - 8

Exercise - half hour on Just dance 2 and a 45 minute walk through rugged countryside
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Sunday 10th April

Breakfast - SW pancake (eggs, sweetener, vanilla essence) and fruit (tangerine, plum, kiwi)

Lunch - 3 x fishfingers (6 syns) and baked beans, Muller yoghurt, Hartleys Jelly (0.5 syns)

Proposed Dinner - chicken breast and veggies

Snacks - 2 x Alpen light (HEB), 3 x roses hazelnut whirls (6 syns)

Drinks - coffee (with milk HEA) and water

Syns (so far)- 12.5
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Hi there, All your food looks good and on track.
Do you find the exercise helps your weight loss? iv just started back at the gym, and hoping for a better weight loss this week. x
Hi there, All your food looks good and on track.
Do you find the exercise helps your weight loss? iv just started back at the gym, and hoping for a better weight loss this week. x
No, sadly I find the opposite! I seem to lose less when I've exercised more. Having said that, my clothes feel looser. I just tell myself that I'm building muscle and that weighs more than fat anyway! I hope I'm right!
Monday 11th April

Breakfast - Muller toffee yoghurt, 2 tangerines

Lunch - chicken salad with tbsp balsamic vinegar (that is free, right??), Muller light (cherry)

Drinks - coffee (milk - HExA) and water

Proposed dinner - quorn chilli - quorn, chopped toms, chillis, chilli flakes, onions, mushrooms and rice

Snacks - 2 x alpen light (HExB), tangerine, 2 x hartleys jelly (1), Muller light (vanilla), 2 x prunes (1)

Post zumba snack - (when starving!!) egg custard - 3 eggs, sweetener, splash of vanilla essence, splash of milk from allowance, made in microwave

Syns so far - 1

Exercise - zumba class
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I was told that my muscles may retain water when exercising meaning i might not loose. suppose like you said as long as your clothes are looser its worthwhile. eek! hope i dont put on though, that would really put me off exercising. x
Tuesday 12th April

Shopping day tonight, so will be eating up whatever is in fridge! Need to spend some time today going through recipe thread and making a shopping list. Also weigh in night but not very confident - I don't feel very slim this week :-( I've noticed from the food diary I seem to do a lot of snacking - probably why I'm overweight in the first place!

Breakfast - SW pancake and kiwi fruit (the only fruit left!!)

Lunch - couscous, Muller yoghurt (raspberry and cranberry), kiwi

Snacks - hartleys jelly (0.5 syns)

Syns so far: 0.5

Went to weigh in and shopping, after which things all went a bit to pot!! This is what I had, although I'm not counting anything. Tomorrow is another day...

While shopping... peanut bar

After shopping... 150g sushi snack pack (shared with DS and DD), 1 x mini babybel light, 1 x packet salt and vinegar chipsticks, 1 pack mixed cooked seafood (shared with DD and DS), 1 x muller yoghurt
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Gah, only lost 0.5lb since last week, which doesn't surprise me as feel very fat and bloated anyway. Thought I'd lost nothing until I checked my weight from last week!

Too much snacking I wonder?
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Wednesday 13th April

The aim today is to drink more water. And also to try and eat more fibre. At the risk of TMI, it is a while since I have 'been to the toilet' and that is not like me!! Much as I love eggs, maybe time to lay off them a little while

Breakfast - 2 x Alpen Light (HExB), banana, grapes, 4 x prunes (2 syns)

Lunch - mackerel salad (2 syns), muller yoghurt

Dinner - beans on toast (nimble) (5 syns, I think!), meringue nest (2.5 syns) with strawberries and muller yoghurt

Snack - kiwi

Drinks - coffee (with milk (HExA) ) and water, plenty of it, hopefully!

Syns so far - 11.5
Exercise - just got Zumba fitness for Wii so going to try that out
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Keep going, I know only too well that it is disheartening when you feel like you haven't lost much;)
It's in the right direction and that's what matters.
Keep drinking that water:D
Thursday 14th April

Here we go with another day! The plan again is to drink more water as I know I don't drink nearly enough!

Breakfast: 2 x tangerines, muller yoghurt, 2 prunes (1 syn) and Alpen light (0.5 HexB)

Drinks: Coffee (using milk HExA) and water

Lunch: tuna salad with the balsamic vinegar that I am becoming addicted to! hartleys jelly (0.5 syns), Alpen light (0.5 HexB), 2 x prunes (1 syn)

Dinner: 'chicken' chilli pasta only using quorn pieces instead of chicken - pasta, chilli flakes, garlic, quorn pieces, onions, passata, mushrooms

Snacks: 2 kiwis

Exercise: Began the Couch to 5K tonight!

Syns so far 2.5
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Friday 15th April

Well, I started the C25K and had very wobbly legs all evening. Still, it took my mind off eating. Going to do the second session tonight.

Breakfast: shredded wheat bitesize (HExb) with milk from HExA, tangerine

Lunch: salad with fat free cottage cheese, tangerine, Hartleys jelly (0.5 syns), Alpen Light (3 syns)

Dinner: (probably) Left over pasta from yesterday, no syn egg custard - tried this from recipe on puddings board and it was horrible! Remade it using eggs, sweetener and the mik left from HExA allowance - much nicer!

Snacks: tangerine, Breakaway (5.5 syns), Muller yoghurt x 2, 4 prunes (2 syns)

Syns: 11 so far

Exercise - day 2 of Cto5k

Tomorrow, we're going to Alton Towers for the weekend and eating at Frankie and Benny's on the evening. Need to find out what is a healthy option ot eat there!
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Saturday 16th April

Ooh, achy legs today! Well, off to Stoke today with a visit to Alton Towers planned for tomorrow. I will try my best to be good at Frankie and Benny's tonight but might not be able to resist a dessert :(

Breakfast: tangerine, banana, Muller yoghurt, 2 prunes (1 syn), Alpen light (0.5 HExB)

Lunch: salad, maybe with mackerel again, Alpen light (0.5 HExB), babybel light (1.5 syns)

Dinner: who knows???

Drinks: coffee (with milk from HExA) and plenty of water

Syns so far: 2.5

Exercise: probably very little! My excuse is I'm giving my muscles a chance to rest and repair from running the last two days!
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Oh my goodness, terrible couple of days!

Let's start with dinner on Saturday night! I had bacon chops with cherry tomatoes, a large mushroom (cooked in oil) and herby potatoes, then a piece of cheesecake, oops! I also had a piece of the garlic bread with cheese that was delivered for the table!

Breakfast - bacon, mushrooms, beans. Mixed berries, topped with fat free blueberry yoghurt, a spoonful of pumpkin seeds and a spoonful of dried fruit

Lunch - chicken, half a dozen lattice fries, 2 onion rings

Snack - Crunchie McFlurry :eek:

Dinner - 3 egg omelette, kiwi, yoghurt

Quite a naughty weekend. It's beyond me even to add up how many syns I might have had! Think the best thing to do is just start afresh today!

Hoping some of the walking I've done around Alton Towers will have walked some of it off!
Monday 18th April

New day today! It is also weigh in tomorrow. Wonder if all my indulgences will show up by then?

Breakfast: banana, yoghurt, kiwi, 2 prunes (1 syn), Alpen light (0.5 HExB)

Lunch: cottage cheese and salad, Hartleys jelly (0.5 syns), 2 kiwi fruits, Alpen light (0.5 HExB)

Dinner: quorn chilli pasta - pasta, quorn pieces, chilli flakes, onions, mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, Muller yoghurt and Hartleys jelly (0.5 syns)

Snacks: 2 x alpen light, (6 syns) 2 x meringue nests (6 syns)

Drinks: Coffee (with milk from HExA) and water

Exercise: Zumba class tonight

Syns so far 14
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Weigh in tonight but think this could be the first week I've PUT ON weight! After the not so slimming weekend and it being just before TOTM I'm not at all confident about losing anything :-(

Breakfast: muller yoghurt, 2 kiwi fruit

Lunch: beans on 2 slices Nimble wholemeal (HExB)

Snack: salad leaves with cannelini, aduki and flageolet beans

Dinner: sushi (3syns)

Drinks: water and coffee (with milk HExA)
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Well, as expected I gained 1lb. Oh well, onward and upward!!

Breakfast: All Bran (HExB) and milk (HExA), tangerine, few grapes

Lunch: mixed leaf salad with radishes, cherry tomatoes and mixed beans (aduki, cannelini and flageolet), hartleys jelly (0.5 syns)

Dinner: quorn and veg stirfry with noodles (2 syns), meringue nest (2.5 syns) with Muller yoghurt and strawberries

Drinks: green tea, coffee (with remaining milk) and water

Snacks: peanut butter (4.5 syns), alpen light (3 syns), radishes, grapes, hartley jelly (0.5), muller yoghurt

Exercise: 3rd day of Couch to 5k

Syns so far: 13
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Thursday 21st April

Well, managed to complete the first week of the couch to 5k yesterday and starting on the second week tonight.

Bit of a tricky day as a box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates just arrived - oh no! Resisting so far though!

Breakfast - all bran (HExB) with milk from (HExA), tangerine

Lunch: Chicken salad (courtesy of my Mum), tangerine, Hartley's jelly (0.5 yns), grapes

Dinner: couscous and mixed bean salad

Snacks: banana, tangerine, 2 x chocolates (8 syns)

Drinks: green tea, coffee (with milk from HExA), water

Exercise: Week2 Day 1 of C25K - went really well

Syns so far: 8.5
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