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  1. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    I've spent the last year flitting around between Slimming World and JUDDD. Towards the end of the year, I knuckled down and followed SW. To date I've lost 1 stone. I enjoy it but find weekends very restrictive as I'm usually in my parents and its hard to stay on plan. I've decided to follow the SW principles on my UD.

    I read the Michael Molsely book over the weekend and I am going to do the 5:2 plan for a few weeks to see how I get on, and will add in a third fast day if required.

    Currently my fast days are Monday and Thursday.

    Today is my first DD, its gone well. I wasn't majorly hungry which is good. Just starting to get a little headache but nothing major.

    So far today:

    2.30pm - 2 ryvita & 1 EL Laughing Cow triangle ..... 99 cals

    6.00pm - 3 ryvita, 1/2 tin WW Tomato Soup, 1 EL Laughing Cow Triangle, Muller Light Greek Yoghurt ..... 258 cals

    2 cans Coke Zero ..... 1 cal
    2 black tea ..... 0
    1L water ..... 0
    Options Hot Chocolate ..... 40 cals
    2 Malted biscuits ..... 80 cals

    Total cals for today: 478 cals

    Do you have to use up the full allowance of 500 cals per day?

    I weighed myself and took my bust/waist/hip measurements as well.

    SW - 212lbs
    B - 120 cm
    W - 116cm
    H - 122cm

    Offical weigh in day will be Fridays after Thursday's DD.
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  3. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Welcome back to JUDDD i only started today so i dont know alot.

    DD looks fab and you dont have to eat the 500 if you dont want :)
  4. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    I did SW first too. I started Judd in January and have been on it 4 weeks. I try not to eat at all on my DD but everyone does it differently. As long as you stay under or on 500 you will be fine. :) xx
  5. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    2nd Fast day today - going good. Find it easier than I thought.

    So far:

    11.30 - Bowl of homemade veg soup ..... 100cals (not quite sure, brocolli, carrots, spinach, courgette & knorr stock cube)
    7.00 - 3 low fat sausages (36 cals each), 1 ryvita (37), 1 Extra Light Laughing Cow Triangle (25) ..... 170 cals
    175g chopped melon (50 cals) was very precise weighing my 2 slices of melon!!

    Hot Water ..... 0
    Black tea ..... 0
    Coke Zero ..... 3

    Will prob have another drink of coke zero and maybe an Options Hot Chocolate at 40 cals.

    Once the little girl is in bed I'll be having one pack of the Special K biscuit moments at 98 cals

    Today's total cal : 463

    Tues & Wed were my UP, and I found an overwhelming lack of urge to stuff myself, I surprised even myself - turning down dessert last night after dinner!! Dinner was home-made beef burgers topped with roast pepper relish and cheese, so they were particularly yum!!

    First official weigh-in tomorrow, fingers crossed a loss on the scales!

    175g melon - 50 cals (was very precise measuring my 2 slices!)
  6. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    First weigh-in and down 2lbs. Really happy with that as in the last week I ate out twice and had a chippy dinner!

    Happy days, if I was loosing 2lbs every week I'd be a happy bunny!
  7. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member

    Well done Jade that's fab. Seen quite a few weigh ins today with nice losses
  8. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    Thrilled skinny today, as I am a serial weigher jumped on the scales thus morning, and even though yesterday was an UD I was down 1/2 pound bringing me under the 210lb mark. So delighted as getting under 210 seemed like a huge achievement and was like a mental block!!

    Today is an ID so will be fasting until the evening.

    I also measured my waist and hips - since Sunday
    Waist - was 116cm, now 111cm
    Hips - was 122cm, now 120cm

    Its like magic!!!
  9. That's a fab change in measurements since sunday!
  10. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    Had a good ID yesterday, didn't eat until about 5pm and just had dinner, and a few chocolates around 10 pm. Tomorrow's my next DD and I'm strangely looking forward to it LOL
  11. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    DD today:

    2.30 - 4 Aldi Ryvita (33 cals ea), 2 Aldi Light Cheese Triangle (32 cals ea), Special K Biscuits (98 cals)
    7.00 - Noodles (160 cals) & Options Hot Chocolate (40 cals)

    Lots of black tea, hot water & coke zero (3 cals)

    Total: 498 cals. coming in just under 500 cals.

    Feeling very hungry today for some reason, as Im usually not. Will have some hot water later before bed. Looking forward to UD tomorrow and pancakes!!
  12. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    Have decided to change my official weigh-in day to Tuesday as I've finished my first full week.

    So after my first full and proper week, I have lost 3lbs. Went from 212.0 to 209.0, so hapoy with that!!
  13. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    Having an AGH day !!! Its a DD and I'm so tempted to just eat and eat and eat. I'm here on my own as my DD is gone to her grandparents, and I could eat the house and no-one would know! Have used my 500 cals and trying hard to stay out of kitchen now. Have a couple of cans of Coke Zero in front of me. I know I'll be disgusted if I give in and have something. So I'm going to keep strong.....hopefully!! Wish me luck.

    2.30pm - 2 aldi ryvita (33 ea), 1 aldi light cheese triangle (32), muller light greek coconut yoghurt (86)
    6.30pm - 2 slices toast (88 ea), chicken (40cals), bag of skips (64)

    464 so far, with 3 or 4 cans coke zero at 1 cal ea and a few cups of black tea and hot water.

    Think I'll be having an early night but it'll be worth it tomorrow to see a loss on the scales! I always weigh the morning after a DD.
  14. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    Having a good DD.

    Wholemeal bagel (218)
    With 2 grilled fishfingers (54 ea)
    3 pots of sugarfree jelly (8 ea)

    Might have a yoghurt or biscuit later to reach the 500cal mark
  15. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    well done Jade, good luck with this weeks weigh in x
  16. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    Weigh-in today and down 1lb. Happy with that as some of my UD were really up!!

    Roll on week 3!
  17. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    Well done, thats another pound gone and onederland is getting closer!!
  18. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    Discovered crispbreads today - 115 cals for 4. Happy days :)

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