Jam sarnies calling

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by pandora, 26 March 2008 Social URL.

  1. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

    as posted earlier , went off the rails a little earlier & now all i want is to go to kitchen & make jam sarnies :eek:.
    its almost like, well finish the day off & start afresh tommorrow
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  3. bondgirl

    bondgirl Member

    Step away from the jam:eek: when you open the lid all you will see is a multitude of wriggling yellow maggots enjoying the fruity substance:mad:

    Well it always works for me;)
  4. Ktd

    Ktd Full Member

    Hi honey,

    Don't do it! End the day on a victory, choose success!!! That jam sandwich will not taste as good as achieving your goal, and it will make tmw harder. So what if you've had a slip up today? Draw a line under it, take control and move on. Its not the easy path now but it will be in the morning.

  5. Springador

    Springador Full Member

    What is it with jam sandwiches, I was like this yesterday. I didnt give in though.
  6. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    Is it REALLY jam sandwiches you want??? REALLY REALLY REALLY????? Or is it just cos that's there and convenient and quick to make????? You know you'll kick yourself if you have one..... how did you feel earlier when you had one????

    (say's she who can't stick to SS for 2 hours let alone 2 weeks....:rolleyes::eek:)

    Water and beddibyes for you missus.... OK????;)
  7. KittyB

    KittyB Gold Member


    Cam I come and stay for a few weeks Zoe, you may just be the key to me getting back on the diet wagon!!!


    Hope you manage to avoid the Jam Cheryl :)
  8. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
    all i'm saying is .... +1lb this am
  9. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    Don't let it spoil today, glug the water and drink your shakes / soups.

    You can do this!
  10. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    v BOLD pandora, throw that pot of jam in the bin. how many did ya have? Fresh start ok? lots of water to flush them out?
  11. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    pound schmound! forget it hunny it'll be gone by tomoz!
  12. kellymundy

    kellymundy Gold Member

    God am I the only one who doesn't think a sarnie is convenience food? If I can't grab it straight out the fridge or cupboard and shove it straight down my throat I don't want to know!:D
    That's probably why I've stuck to the SSing so well, I'm just uber-lazy!:nightf:
  13. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

    That was me too - trouble is that new screw top bottles of wine are very easy and convenient - that's my new undoing :eek:
  14. wannabslim

    wannabslim Gold Member

    Haha Westie that is me all over :D love it! x
  15. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

    They're also perfect if you're staying in hotels and you've forgotten the corkscrew ;)

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