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S: 15st8lb C: 11st10lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 20 Loss: 3st12lb(24.77%)

I was redirected to this site for any of my Lipotrim related questions so I thought whilst I'm here I'd begin a little diary to record my progress and also receive feedback on any issues I have.

I'm 21 years old and work a 10 hour p/day job of which luckily there is minimal food in the vicinity. I used to be very healthy & skinny when I was at college due to playing football a lot and not really eating all that often. After I got this job and I started getting a substantial income I found I could afford takeaways a lot and going out for meals. I couldn't gain weight to save my life in college so I just went gung-ho on the food and alcohol. I'm now 21 and weighed in at 15s 8lbs. Luckily because I'm 6' 5" tall people were like "you're not fat" but I knew I was, I could see it all. Clothes masked most of it but I now have a burdening fear of undressing. I never let people see me with no clothes on.

I've become extremely lazy so any healthy eating diet with exercise I started quickly stopped and I gained more weight. I turned to LT as - I guess - a last resort before I just gave up and tried to accept my weight. Luckily it seems on paper to be the perfect diet to me. I like having strict rules; all or nothing ways. It's easy to follow because unlike on healthy diets I'm not counting calories when picking meals; I just can't eat anything else. Simple. Brilliant.

I went for my consultation and started my first day on 03/04/13 weighing in at 15s 7.6lbs and by my Saturday weigh in (this is the only day I could make it) I weighed in at 15s 0.5lbs. Not a bad start.

I hope to reach a goal of around 180lbs because I have an old picture on my phone (I'll try attaching) of when I was at my best shape. Only issue is I was a bit shorter then and also have no idea how much I weighed then so my targets are all guess work.


3 years ago & Last Week

I've decided not to weigh myself at home as it puts pressure on my diet so I'll just get my weekly one. I hope that I can reach my current goal; which may change when/if I reach it, my the end of July when I go on holiday and can overcome my undressing fear.

Well that's the story so far & I hope the Minimins community will welcome any queries I have as I go along this path!

As a side note; is anyone else weirdly addicting to watching food programmes now? Man vs Food has become both torture and heaven to me.
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S: 128.5kg C: 123.8kg G: 80kg BMI: 40.4 Loss: 4.7kg(3.67%)
Well done James for not giving up and for doing something about your weight to make you feel comfortable again. Yep, I too am addicted to food programmes, lots of us are. Do what you have to, to stay on track.

Best wishes

Kay :)