Janeys Newby Diary!


S: 15st1.5lb C: 14st2lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st13.5lb(6.38%)

Hi Everyone! :wavey:

My name is Nicola. I'm 22 (Soon to be 23!) and I live in Sunny South Shields which is just outside of Newcastle. I joined my SW class yesterday for the first time along with my bestest friend Emma, and we both dreaded the thought of being weighed!!

After hearing the bad news that ive put on almost a stone in less than a year, i'm motivated and ready to give myself a massive kick up my massive arse to get onto plan and stick to it.

I think ultimately the reason for my weight gain is moving in with my boyfriend - yet another thing to blame men for! :D
We moved in together in December 2010 and from then i've ballooned. Unfortunately due to redundancies, we are now both living back at our respective homes, whilst saving for a mortgage. I'm hoping moving back to my mam and dads will be the kickstart to the diet that I need. I'm also hoping that by the time we eventually save for a deposit on a house, I will know the plan inside out and it will become a way of life.

Anyway, enough of me babbling, here is what i've munched my way through today. All comments welcome!!!

2x Weetabix and semi-skimmed milk

Large jacket potato with baked beans and small amount of cheese, large side salad

I had a late lunch today (around 3pm) so not really been hungry for dinner, although I did indulge in some Slimming World chips with tomato ketchup.

I've also had a handful of grapes, a Hi-Fi light bar and no added sugar squash (numerous glasses!)

I've also been to Asda today to stock up on some grub that I can actually eat rather than the mountains of food which currently fills our cupboards!.....

Wish me Luck! xxx
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