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Friday 15th January-

So after 4 and a half stone with 2-2 and a half stone to go, I have decided to make a huge adjustment to my weightloss regime and that is to cut out the weighing scales!!!! I AM OBSESSED! i replace my scales, compare scales etc i just worry so much even though I am visibly toning up by the day! This week I did loads of exercise and put up two pounds and today after my way in I comfort ate and just felt crap and today my head just said no more, you are torturing your mind and your body. Whereas on Wednesday when I measured myself I felt amazing thinking how far Id come in the past five years. So I have done some thinking and have decided that instead of aiming for a target weight, Im aiming for a target size.

So for me personally my target size is a 10-12 and I have done some research that means that im aiming for

BUST 33.5 inches- 35 inches
WAIST 26 inches- 28 inches
HIPS 36.5 inches- 38 inches

Now i measured myself at work on Wednesday and as I cant find the measuring tape at home today I am going with these numbers as my first weekly measure.

BUST- will get back to ye
WAIST- 37.5
HIPS- 42

So yeah im erasing my signature weighins and doing everything my inches now instead.

Feeling much better about this too. Healthier mentality. :)
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That sounds a good idea, I get a bit obsessed with the scales too