January Starters

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i am

Hi Fairy

I am, I am currently SS (started yesterday) and plan to do it till 20th December.

Then I am having a break until the 5th january. I dont plan to go mad, but we are going to different families up and around the country.

I will start with a clear head on 5th

I am currently 15 stone 12 and I am hoping to get down to 14 12 for the 20th december.

I am scottish, living way oooop north
chatty, and can offer e mail contact to keep each other going

let me know and I can send you my e mail address by pm



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Hi Fairy Wings
I too am restarting on 2 Jan. Good luck to you

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Good luck for January


Start to reduce your carbohydrate intake Bread potatoes,white rice) start swapping soft drinks such as coke, diet coke etc for water

Make a list of all things you want to achieve....such as getting into a certain size of clothing..going on holiday....but keep them positive don't list things in the negative such as I don't want to be fat...focus on I want to be slim, I will be healthy etc


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I am without doubt restarting in January. Been maintaining for a while, i go from 11.4-11.06 and can start to feel the inches creep on now. I would dearly love to make it to the 10s but i've been realistic to myself and i know i'll be socialising a fair bit in the next 3 weeks so i am going to enjoy christmas feeling so much more confident and enthusiastic than i have for a long time and get my head in the game for the new year. I'd be willing to join a thread or whatever to buddy up.
Have a fab festive time.


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Hi hun,
I am starting SS on 5th January and cant wait too! :) I thought i would get xmas out of the way first :p
I have roughly 5stone to lose also...im 5"1 and currently 13 n half stone :cry:
I have tried LL in the past and failed, but sooo determined to do this for myself this time...I do NOT want another Fat summer :(

Would love to share this journey with you! Good luck xoxoxo


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Hi :)

I am starting the 2nd too. I am really looking forward to it.I was considering starting before xmas, but don't want all that temptation so early into the diet :rolleyes: So, new year,new start, new me!!!

I am currently around 16st 8lb and would love to get down to 11st ish.

Can't bear the thought of another hot, uncomfortable summer.

Look forward to sharing the journey with you all x


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Hello I visited my CDC last night and getting ready to start on 5th Jan too :p

I am looking forward to starting my weight loss journeywith you all, its a slimmer 2009 for us:26:


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i was on cd started end of jan last yr but had a lot of ups and down and am on ww now and doing well. im might be restarting cd ss in jan aswell :)


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I see my CDC on the 29th of Dec. I wanted to start after christmas as I dont think my family are too keen on the diet so I dont want to be explaining to them!
I have about 7 stone to loose, I am quite excited about starting.

I'm going to take some FAT pictures to keep looking at so I can see why I am doing the diet and what I dont want to look like anymore. I plan to keep taking piccies as I loose weight so I can see it going in the right direction!!!


Loves Porridge
S: 14st10lb C: 14st10lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 38.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

Once your family see your weight loss they will support you, I must admit my family are a little concerned but are supporting my as they know how much it means to me, Use us as your support I'm sure we'll all spur each other on..

Taking photos is a good idea and there is also a fab thread/post on here about the low moments deffinately worth a read it moved me.

Let me know how you get on at your first CD meeting. Have a good day


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Hi everyone. I am going to see my CDC this thursday, but wont start until the 5th!!! Good Luck everyone!!!!


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Theres a good few starters then! Cant wait to see all our results!

Sorry I'm only just replying to this, I forgot I posted it lol. caroline - Would be great to email or message on here, the more people in the same boat the merrier!


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I'm restarting in January too after having my baby and finishing breastfeeding:D I cannot wait

Fairywings I'm in Devon too....wonder if we're close by?!

Good luck to everyone for January, I'm sure we'll all do it:D