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Jealousy & Weight Loss


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I've noticed a lot of threads on here from people successfully doing the diet, and then encountering people who aren't as enthusiastic about their success as they'd like. Reason? Jealousy.

I myself encountered jealousy last night when I stated my intention to return to Cambridge, with one friend (an unsuccessful dieter) calling it a fad diet. My boyfriend pointed out to me that it was jealousy, because sometimes, you can't see the wood for the trees. If it's such a fad diet, how come I've maintained most of my loss since December without particularly trying?

Sometimes, I wish people could just be happy for others. Luckily, I have some close friends who have done Cambridge themselves, so I do at least have some supportive people in my life who understand the diet (as well as supportive people who don't understand it!!).

What are your experiences with diet jealousy? How have you dealt with it?
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I think it's like anything good in life that someone else might find hard to achieve, they may get jealous. I can honestly say I haven't encountered it on here, as we're all in the same boat and losing weight.
Well... it can be seen as a fad diet... and in a way i spose it is (dare i say that!) if NOT stuck to properly

Ive only had a couple of people turn their noses up in real life...so on the whole.. been ok

Fook em! is what i say :D


please try again
only person i had a problem from is my dads rather overweight girlfriend who started in on it because shes done it and it didnt work ( cos she didnt stick to it ) and she told me i should try eating healthily like her and i wouldnt be so fat....... she then tucked into a pack of biscuits hmmmm
I have too, someone congratulated me on my loss then asked me if I wanted a marsbar ! Oh and that I was lovely as I am. An overweight friend who hasn't said anything about any other losses I've had.
DH is convinced its jealousy.
There aren't many people who know that I'm doing CD and those who we're a bit wary at the beginning have come around when they have seen my results and that I am still alive and well..lol.

I've only had one negative comment the old 'oh they don't work and the weight always come back on' - sod off woman, you know nothing.

All my close friends and family are thrilled with the changes and shower me with loads of compliments which is :D.
I've only had one negative comment the old 'oh they don't work and the weight always come back on' - sod off woman, you know nothing.
That was pretty much the attitude I was confronted with in the chat room last week. But that was from people on a diet where you don't lose the weight as fast as on a VLCD, so thinking back that was most likely jealousy or just plain selfishness.

I think a lot of people get jealous when they see someone else who is strong enough to actually make big changes in their life. It scares them, because they suddenly realise that they would never have the courage or motivation to do it themselves. They have probably tried many times to make similar (or possibly much smaller) changes and failed. So when they see someone else doing what they are unable to achieve, it makes them feel bad about themselves and they tend to react with negative and cruel comments.
One woman who has her own weight struggle called me an apple which got me started on losing weight. Now that I'm about 28lbs lighter she has started avoiding me.

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