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getting slimmer
Hi Maria - I think the only limit is the daily allowance of flavouring, but other than that - go for it! I am going to use the rest of my vegegel (vegetarian alternative) to make Jelly as I have been hopeless at making mousse!! x


getting slimmer
oh, good ,yummy!!
i'll eat it as i watch midsommer murders. xx
Hi all,

What IS the daily allowance of flavouring then? I had no idea there was one (...oops).



getting slimmer
i didnt know till week 5 and had been havng it from day 1!! x


Gone fishing
i didnt know till week 5 and had been havng it from day 1!! x
Week 3 :) It's only to give you the best possible chance of getting into ketosis. If you managed it with the flavourings, then that's fine :). Well, it's a bit too late for it not to be isn't it :D
Cheers KD. Yeah, I had flavourings from Week 2 onwards and was just told use a teaspoon in a litre of water - no limit mentioned.

Will definitely limit my intake to the teaspoon a day, don't want to be naughty and then have a slump.

Thanks again,



getting slimmer
i made mine, but didnt set :(

gonna try again soon though as it sounds great.

can you use anything else thats cheaper than mam?? xx


A pound at a time
I dont know how it is by you, but I am buying unflavored beef gelatine here and it is much cheaper. I can't get down with the pork. Some people are using veg gel also. You can compare the price in your area.

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