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jemimarobin weigh in!


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S: 15st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 4st0lb(25.45%)
Hi girls/me! just keeping a weekly log of my weight loss, this has been my first week and I've been hopping on and off the scales all week (dont do it!) and had a weigh in on sunday as I cant make tuesdays anymore but have finally reached my proper weigh in day - a week since my initial weighing and I've lost 9lbs! :D

I'm really chuffed as I started on lipotrim ss on sunday but was feeling pretty sick alot of the time so now I've moved to the maintenance programme (started sunday so that will be my weigh in day from now on) which means I can still restrict what I eat to 2-3 shakes a day but can eat a small low calorie meal as well if I feel like it which I've found fine and its funny how full I get from about a 1/4 of what I would have had before! I've still lost weight this way so far but will let you know how I get on. I'm also doing a bit of exercise everyday as its something i'm trying to get into the habit of being a fitter person.

Only 3 more pounds and I'll be under the 12 stone mark and I havent been that for over a year and a half!

hope you've all had a good week too! :cool:
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S: 23st5lb C: 19st8.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(16.06%)
9lbs is a great start, keep up the good work.


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
excellent! well done!



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S: 15st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 4st0lb(25.45%)
have decided I am going to change my goal weight after reading a few things on here (about body type and how bmi is not necessarily a perfect indicator of what is a 'normal' shape for your body etc)

...so based on the fact that yes I have been slim in the past and a little overweight as my default I think I need to find a happy medium and not strive to be something I have never neccessarily been (although I was a size 8-10 when I was slim but I dont know how much I weighed so have no comparison but have always weighed more than I look)

soooo... I'm going to aim for a higher goal weight initially and see how I feel and look when I get there and then adjust it for another stone or so if neccessary.

will just be off to do me tracker... xxx


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S: 15st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 4st0lb(25.45%)
ok I havent posted on here for ages need to do it it weeky to keep me on track I think tut tut! Have had undualting and slow weight loss due to not sticking to it and having big meals for occasions etc etc so although I lost 19lbs in the first month I have only lost 4lbs so far this month (with gains and staying the same etc) and will prob only lose another pound tops so that is rubbish for only the second month! really need to stick to this and try to see the big pictureneed to lose at least 2 and half stone still to get into healthy weight bracket and 3 stone to reach target and I'm doing rubbishly at the moment. need to crack on! still need to lose another 6 pounds just to reach 2 stone aaaargh!

motivation i need you. actually I've got a file on my computer called 'fat pictures of me' I might go and have a look at that for some inspiration!!!
Hi Jem,
You can do it. If you put the time in now then you will be finished wuicker as opposed to letting it take over your life. If you put the head down now you could more than half the time that you have to do this diet, it's not nice. For me the full replacement is better as you can't talk yourself into thinking that what you are eating isn't bad for you if you are not eating anything. But whatever works for you. I think you will get more motivation by hitting the 2 stone mark.

How are you getting on now?
Can I ask what height you are? 9 is very light.
I think you were right to aim for smaller goals and reach milestones so that the end doesn't always seem to far away.

Keep up the excersise too so at least you will be toning.



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S: 15st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 4st0lb(25.45%)
thanks keeponsmiling! yeah I'm on track today going to use maintenance til sun and then prob go onto full programme then tho I am back on track yesterday and today going to try and get my as$ in gear ready for bath and then will do another short challenge to keep me on track. I cant wait to be in the 11's I've been 12.2-12.5 for blimmin weeks!

I'm only 5.1 so 9 stone is at the top end of what I should weigh I know it doesnt sound like much but I used to weigh about 10 stone before I got pregnant and I was not fat then but a little chubby in places as I am so short and do nt carry the weight well and I wanted to be a little smaller than I was before although I will be happy to get down to 10.5 (what I weighed the day I found out i was pregnant!). I am going to take it in bits when I get down to my previous weight and shape I will see how I feel and get down a bit smaller if poss if that is what I think is right. dont worry I'm not going overboard! xxxx
Good to hear you are motivated again. My mum is the same size as you and she is slim, not skinny at 9.5. It's funny when I was yonger I thought I was chubby at 10 stone, now I would be delighted with that. I think your body shape changes as well depending on how toned you are too which makes you heavier but healthier.
Best of luck anyway!