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    Thanks for the post Jen on the other thread and it's nice to know we're not alone. I was wondering about the effectiveness of Xenical with PCOS reason being that some people have an intolerance to insulin and basically the sugar we consume gets turned into fat thus regardless of sticking to a low fat diet the sugar would still get turned into fat resulting in no weightloss....this is what has crossed my mind and i'm going to discuss it with gynae when i go to see them. Particularly due to the fact i'm (for an unexplained reason) actually now gaining weight. Weirdly enough this is the same pattern I have seen when i follow just healthy eating plans, i'd go to weigh in and would have lost 4/5lbs in one week then eat and exercise exactly the same all the following week and would gain all the weight i'd lost the previous week. I just really hope my body is not destined to be obese forever, i want to be "normal" :( xx
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    Oh I'm sorry to hear that you have gained weight - thats really disheartening to hear and must be really disheartening for you to experience.

    I have had similar experiences as you with the loose some lbs gain some more situation. The only time I've ever been able to successfully loose weight was when I was younger, 16, and on Weight Watchers... and on the contraceptive pill which I now know would have been controlling my PCOS. So that kind of explains the weight loss.

    And something that I can't go on now if I want children... catch 22 isn't it!

    I did loose a bit of weight on Reductil, but that was over about a 6 month period, very slow at coming off. And with the ups and downs, one week gaining, next week loosing etc etc.

    I spoke to my dr when I went to get my second prescription of Xenical on Wednesday and we spoke about the information that I had given you about Xenical and PCOS. He agreed with me that Xenical is certainly agreeing with me as this is not only the fastest weightloss, but the greatest that I've had.

    All that saying, this doesn't really help with your predicament. One thing that I have found is that TOTM for me (which weirdly has come twice this month?!?!) makes it very difficult for me to loose. I feel that I retain water a lot and I have started to take herbal water tablets this week in the hope that this helps. I just feel VERY bloated. I'm not sure if this is because of the hormonal imbalanaces that I have from suffering from PCOS causing this or really what the cause is at all, it all would be a really educated guess really.

    I do know that we should follow low GI diets - the fertility nurse that I have suggested something like the South Beach Diet or any diet that is low in GI foods because this assists with insulin resistance so with that in mind, its something that I have really tried to focus on... So I focus on low fat, low calorie, low GI... Along with my Xenical. To start with, I found that I really craved sugary foods... This has lessened as the weeks have gone by and I feel quite good for it.

    All of this is personal experience and I think that you are definitely doing the right thing with discussing this with gynae. The fertility department where I live were pretty rubbish in my opinion. They weren't even going to check my tubes, they said it wouldn't be "worth it" because regardless of whether they were blocked or not, they wouldn't consider any treatment until my BMI was 35...

    I hope my rambling has helped you a little? You could maybe try low GI whilst you are awaiting to see GI.

    I hope we are not destined to be obese forever... I live in hope when I see people like Victoria Beckham, Jules Oliver (Jamie Oliver's wife), Emma Thompson and Kym Marsh (Corrie) - I just think, if they can be a normal weight (did you see Kym Marsh in her bikini in Heat??!?!?) and I think wow, there has to be some hope for me. Normal weight and they all have children. My endocrinologist said that it is possible for us to loose weight, its just ruddy hard work, harder than most.

    Lucky, lucky us eh!

    And for me... when I get despondent, I binge eat anyways so I think to myself, at least if I cut that out, I will eventually loose, at least some!lol

    I'm not saying that you are like me I'm just hoping that I will make you feel a wee bitty better... Fingers crossed anyways xxx
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