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Jenna's Weightloss *Updated 28/9/2013*

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Inspirational Photos' started by Jenna88, 14 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Going to post a pic everytime I lose 10lbs. This is me when I was 12st 3...my starting weight for SW however was 12st 6.75lbs

    I'm hoping to lose most weight from my backside, belly and arms, the legs can stay as they are. Fingers crossed it works that way!

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  3. Spek79

    Spek79 Full Member

    Good luck, you already look gorgeous!
  4. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Aw thank you

    Ok here's me in a dress in December


    And here's me in the same dress now



    A subtle difference but I think I can see a positive change :) gotta keep going! Can't wait to see the difference in another half stone :)
  5. Patsylfc

    Patsylfc Member

    wow, you have lovely legs! Good luck with the weight loss.
  6. clairescunny55

    clairescunny55 Full Member

    Aww you already look amazing! Best of luck to you x
  7. clowe1

    clowe1 Member

    you look great - you are doing so well!!
  8. I_want_a_buff_body

    I_want_a_buff_body Full Member

    you look amazing! well done x
  9. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Aww thank you guys!

    After losing 26lbs I am happy to say I bought a size 12dress today from primark and it fits! I would like to look thinner in it obviously but it actually zips up and goes on :) not a very flattering pic but I'm very much holding on to ... It's a TWELVE!


    Please ignore the state of my bedroom...I was trying on holiday clothes :D

    I'm 10st 9lbs here :)
    Last edited: 29 April 2012
  10. Aymz

    Aymz Silver Member

    Wow well done..the change is noticeable. Just gotta say your legs are stunning!
  11. Paul_Farnham_uk

    Paul_Farnham_uk Full Member

    wow you look gorgeous, score out of 10... i would definately give you one lol
  12. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Aww well aren't you guys just lovely :) Thank you! Next pic shall be when I'm at target 1...5.75lbs away...bring it on!
  13. abbiewilko

    abbiewilko Full Member

    Well done, you look fantastic! x
  14. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Last night was the first time I've really felt proud of myself when looking at a picture. I'm 10st 0.5lb :)I really felt I could see a difference, so even when I have down days now I'm going to look at this pic just to remind me how far I've come. My new target is going to be 9st :)
    me 10.jpg
  15. kim63

    kim63 Gold Member

    Well done on your weightloss so far. I can see a massive difference from the first to this most recent picture & you have a stunning figure. Im sure we'll be seeing you in the 9's to 8's thread very soon x
  16. Dee63

    Dee63 Member

    well done looking fab
  17. Aymz

    Aymz Silver Member

    You look amazing!
  18. stephie0611

    stephie0611 needs to focus!!!!

    you look fab chick, what a difference. xx
  19. RichT

    RichT Full Member

    Looking good. Keep it up.
  20. becks1982

    becks1982 Full Member

    great stuff well done
  21. EatenMess

    EatenMess Full Member

    You are looking absolutley fabulous!!!!!! WELL DONE :)

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