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Jenni's diary: Given up chocolate!

Measurements this morning:

Waist: 31in
Belly (around navel): 36in
Thigh (just one!): 22in
Arm: 11in

10 stone 2

I'm about to have egg on toast for breakfast, and a CD shake :)
Will point everything later, but I think the whole thing will be about 7.5 (quite alot!)

CD shake and 400ml skimmed milk: 5
Egg: 1.5


CD shake: 2
Fruit Pastilles: 2
Walkers Baked crisps: 1.5


2 Eggs: 3


Have got 4 points left for cadets tonight. :)

Why can I never stick to a diet?

I had my 4 points at cadets, then afterwards I had melba toasts, iced gems, and a choc mousse :eek:

Total overeating: 6 points :eek:
I'd have to do 55 mins of high intensity exercise to work that off! :(

I'm adjusting to fact that I can eat low-fat rubbish! :p
ANYTHING is allowed!

Though I'm staying away from high-point chocolate bars, I don't have a huge allowance (19 points) so a dairy milk is more points than my lunch today (!)

Been swimming, so my points allowance is 22 today.


CD shake with milk: 4 (not the 5 I originally thought, apparently!)
Egg: 1.5 (Calculated this evening and is definitely correct for my eggs)


Melba toasts: 2 (pack of 10, Asda)
Ice Gems: 1.5
WW Fruities: 0.5


Snacks (pre dinner)
5 marshmallow/wafer things: 2.5
Half pack melba toasts: 1
Small amount low fat soft cheese: 0.25
Half pack Fruities: 0.25 (I'm seriously going to have toilet problems if I keep eating fruities so much! :p)


I think I've missed something, because I'm sure I have 8 points left, not 9 :confused:

Did a bad thing :(

I'm thinking of dropping Chemistry (it's my 4th A Level, totally unnecessary apart from to make up for my GCSEs) and I told my dad and he had a go at me, said I was stupid for dropping it (haven't even done it yet!) and I was going to go to a cr*p uni blah blah blah.
So I reached for the (low point) food :doh:

Don't really know how to NOT comfort eat. :sigh:
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Had dinner and couldn't eat it all, I felt sick halfway through :confused:
So only 3.5 pts there.

Breakfast: 5.5
Lunch: 4
Dinner: 3.5


Mallows: 4.5
Melba toasts: 2
Cheese and fruities: 0.5


Total: 20.

Me and my sister can't decide how much our swimming was worth.

I did 40 lengths in 1 hr 15 mins, she did 50 lengths in 1 hr 30 mins.

Any ideas?


Milkshake with skimmed milk: 4

Melba toasts: 2
Ice gems: 1.5
Fruit Pastilles: 2.5

Chicken noodles: 4

2 Highlights mousses: 2
Crabstick, bouillon and half pack Fruities: 0.5 (they're all about nothing, so add them all together and I get about 0.5 :))

I have 2.5 points left, and will probably eat a pack of Fruities or the choc and caramel melts by the end of today, so will have just about made up for the crap I ate on Monday :eek:

CD shake with milk: 4

CD shake: 2
Ice gems: 1.5
Aero: 4.5 (I think)
Cappuccino: 1 (I think)

Chicken noodles: 2.5

Strawberries: 0.5
Crabsticks: 1
Highlights mousse: 1
Fruities: 0.5

I have 0.5 points left today - I'm not eating an aero again!

Hey jennikay, don't fret about the Chemistry thing...I'm from Ireland so I don't really know how GCSEs translate college wise...Would you get much more pointwise or opportunity wise if you did it? If so do it...If it is unnecessary and dropping it would give you more time to concentrate on other subjects and do better in those then dropping it is a good thing!x Best of luck with whatever your decision! :)
I need 3 A levels to get into uni, and I'd have 3 if I dropped chemistry.

Me and my mum are meeting with my head of year on Monday to discuss things. :eek:

On the food front...

I had a few marshmallow things earlier and had enough points left to finish off the packet.
Then I thought, hmm, I'll just have 1 more, only 0.5 points :)
Then another, then.. well, I've overeaten 4.5 points, but I think marshmallows have a laxative effect so things may 'sort themselves out' :eek:

It's funny because on days I've done this, I always seem to lose an lb, lets see if I can keep it off this time :D

Hope meeting goes well on Monday. And remember you are the one who has to do the hard work with your courses not your mam. It will be interesting to see what head of year says. They will have your best interests at heart.

Good luck
and with the diet

Irene xx
To be honest, the head of year will probably have the school's interests at heart (i.e. more money if I keep it on.)

I don't think they understand how difficult I find chemistry, and how much more work it takes to get a B then it took to get 3 As in my other subjects. :(
My dad completely doesn't understand, as chemistry is *his* subject - he was a chemical engineer for 30 years, and he can't understand how I find it difficult.

Plus, if they make me keep it on, I'm going to put all my effort into my other 3 and will probably end up with a C in chemistry, which would just be humiliating because that was what my brother got! :p

Haven't eaten yet today, so will be updating the food front later.

Make sure you tell them how hard you find chemistry then and remind them that you will therefore need to spend many many hours on the chemistry which is hours taken away from the other 3 subjects.

I am a mam and an ex-teacher

Irene xx

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