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Jenni's JibberJabber

Day 1...I think it went O.K.

Coffee, slice of cheese
Scrambled egg, butter, 1 sausage
Beef and cabbage stir
And again for dinner
Another slice of cheese
Real cream in my coffee...yay

So this afternoon I was rushing around trying to get myself and my 11 month old out the door for a walk, and then WHACK!!!! I stubbed my toe harder than I ever have before. I think I heard bones crunch. Needless to say we didn't go for our walk.

I did manage to drink nearly 3 Ltr of water.

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Ouch! Stubbed toes are so painful! Hope you didn't break anything! Did you check the carb content in the sausage - some contain lots of cereal ... Nice menu though! :)


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Morning Jenni, double ouch on the toe!

Ditto to what Di says, watch the sausages - there's a list of low carb ones in the Low Carb Shopping sticky :) German sausage is usually carb free.
Good mornin' Di and Susie...I dont know what the carb count of the sausage was. It was polish sausage from a deli counter. I had a small bit off of a long link. No more guessing though...I will stick to reading lables.

This morning before I even got out of bed, I have been craving sugar. Ive been trying to wash away the craving by drinking water... Something tells me today is gonna be difficult


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oh i hope your toe is ok xx
you will be fine, do not give in to the sugar, have plenty of protein snacks and lots of water x


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Hi Jenni - hope day two so far :) I've only just started too, so will keep an eye on your diary x


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Hi Jenni
Ouchie on the toe - done that myself:(
Hands off the sugar - you need to go cold turkey on this one!
Thanks for the encouragement! I didn't touch sugar today...woohooo!
Am..coffee, slice of cheese,
Egg and Mayo, and I dipped streaky bacon in it...omg
Afternoon...Beef cabbage stir fry again
Slice of cheese
Pm...bun-less bacon cheese burger

Only managed 2 Ltr of water today. Very tired, kinda blah.
I managed to put my very angry and in pain teething daughter to bed...finally I get a chance to read some diaries, and relax

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Morning Jenni, Polish sausage is probably OK, how's the toe?
Hi Jim,
From the info i found on google, I tend to agree with you about the polish sausage.
It was quite nice and I wouldn't mind having it again. I'd like to know the actual carb count though. I have no idea how I'd find out. I got it out of an authentic polish grocers, the girl in the shop doesn't speak English. When I go up to the counter we communicate mostly through sign language. Ah well...
My toe hurts, it's bruised, but it's getting better. Thanks

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Hi Jenni. Ouch on the toe. I did that to my little toe the day I moved house years ago! It was def broken but they don't do anything at the hospital for it so I never even went.
Ignore the sugar craving if you can.
I cannot wait for this day to be done with! I thought I was on top of things... I dont know if its the diet messin with my head, or if its the fact that ive only gotten 4 hours of sleep over the last two days.

nice pork roast, seasoned it up last night ready for the crock pot today for an early dinner.
took it out this morning, put it in the crock pot, turned crock pot on and didnt give it another thought.

Forgot to plug the crock pot in. :(

Teething baby has her days and nights mixed up and i simply cannot nap during the day.

Looks like ill have an omlette for dinner...all in all today wasnt that bad as far as food.

Coffee/cream-I love this!
Finally finished off my beef and cabbage stir fry.
celery sticks with a bit of cream cheese.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement...I honestly think that if I wasnt using this forum I would've given up yesterday.

I'm usually not such a grump.....
Morning Jenni... well done on avoiding the sugar craving! that's a tough one to get over but once you get to 'the other side' the cravings will go... :)


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Oh you poor love, sorry you're not getting much kip! But you're still focused, well done :)
Yesterday- day 4
B. Scrambled eggs, coffee/cream, slice of cheese
L. 2 pickles, wrapped in ham with cream cheese
D. 2 pork chops in mustard cream gravy, asparagus wrapped in Parma ham. YUM!

Appetite down, energy up. Even with my serious lack of sleep, I am starting to feel so much better!
No sugar cravings!

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Jenni you need much more leafy greens hun :)

Check Jim's sticky, "So you're thinking of doing Atkins". There are two lists on the first page of this, the A list where you can have 2-3 mugs of anything on that first list. if you have 2, you can THEN (and only then) have a mug of the veg in the second list.

You will see much better results if you follow the diet to the letter - that's why we go on about Clean and Green.


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As per susie - the veggies will also keep your insides moving as well as lots of lvely vitamins. Very important:D
Day 5
Went to Tesco today, stocked up on veg :)
I don't drive, and with the broken toe I wasn't able to get to the shops. Had to wait for h to make it back home. He was away with work. I was making that beef and cabbage stir fry last because it was the only bit of veg in the house...lol clean and green now!!

B. Bacon, scrambled eggs, butter, bit of tomato
L. Ham, cheese, Mayo
S. Salad, olive oil
D. Chicken breast, broccoli, cheddar cheese, sour cream
Coffee, cream

Water water water :)
looking forward to weigh in. I feel like I've lost. It's torture staying away from the scale!

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Morning Jenni... hope the toe doesn't hurt so much! :)
I am loving this diet....
B. 4 slices bacon, 2 scrambled eggs, small side of tomatoes
S. Slice of cheese, oopsie roll
L. Salad, dressing, sliced meat
D. Asparagus, Parma ham, roast chicken
Lots and lots of water.

I'm in the mood for something sweet. I'm not sure what sort of legal snack to have...I am nervous that if I start with "Atkins induction friendly desserts" that I will over do them. Hmmm.
Sweets are my downfall.

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