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Jennys Atkins Journey

Hiya All

Thought Id say Hi as I have been reading alot of your posts recently in the run up to starting atkins today.

Ive been trying to loose weight for about 10 years ever since I had my first child. I have to admit to being a yoyo and lacking motivation very quickly.

At my biggest I was 25 stone in Feb 2003. My recent diet attempt started in Sept 2008 at 21st 7lbs. At first I started with healthy eating and excercise, followed by some Slim Fast...then Weight watchers. Adding all the attempts together I have lost 50lbs since Sept 08 and I now weigh 17st 13lbs. My lowest weight for along time.

My Mother in law 2b swears by Atkins and is dropping weight like mad. Shes trying to look as good as she can to be mother of the groom. Id really like to loose weight to be a fabulous bride in December 09. Hopefully my body will like this diet..

It gets difficult to stay motivated when everyone tells you how gr8 you look and look shocked that you say you want to loose more.

fingers crossed I can stick to Atkins and it works for me :p
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sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
welcome hunnie , and good luck , one thing for sure , youll never be hungry or lacking in food , its a great way of eating xx
Hi Jenny, I'll be eating at your place again for lunch. ;)

Seriously you have done very well so far, 50lbs is no mean achievement love. You must be well pleased, I am.
My lunch yesterday was very yummy... My online shoppings coming after 11am today...how exciting..
Woke up this morning hungry but not as hungry as I usually am...
Ive had scrambled eggs with cheese in them with mushrooms for breakfast. It was ok but unfortunately I must have dropped shell in them Yuck crunchy!!! lol
So on with day 2... I have a very strange taste in my mouth today... too early I think for it to be ketones?????

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
not really ,i went into ketosis quickly so could be x just depends on how quickly youre body depletes its glycogen stores


Happy to be slim at last
Welcome Jenny and well done on losing 50lbs!!! That's fab.

Good luck on your atkins journey. I am sure you will be looking stunning on your wedding day.
Welcome Jenny and well done you!
Welcome Jenny and well done on losing 50lbs!!! That's fab.

Good luck on your atkins journey. I am sure you will be looking stunning on your wedding day.
Only 4 more pounds till you reach the big 50 too woooooooooo
Ok so how odd is it that when your body stops feeling hungry your mind still tells you to eat... Im sat here now ....not hungry at all and yet im thinking about eating... oh well have to find something to do and get over my own mind....
Had my lunch..made beef burgers with cheese and bacon on top wrapped in a large lettuce leaf with a cucumber in it. very nice.

3g carbs
LOL, I pigged out for lunch. I posted a photo on the eating thread.
Im craving something sweet..... but not giving in on day 2 lol
I really do miss my puddings though... Can you have sugar free jelly on induction???
I wouldn't recommend it Jenny, but many oh here do have it love.
Is ok Ill leave it for now....im not that desperate yet lol
My mother in law 2b was the one telling me last night I should have sugar free jelly and cream...
I think my body needs to learn that after food does not always come sweet food....
Ive only used 6g carbs today...how am I going to fit in another 14g carbs before the end of the day


During Dec 2008

AFTER ??????
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WOW!!! Jenny, what a difference.

Eat loads of veggies tonight.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
wow jenny , what a difference , well done hunnie xxx
never forget to look back at how very far youve come x

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