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Jenny's Food - SW

Monday 24th May - Extra Easy

Breakfast - beans, mushrooms, quorn sausages and 2 slices of WW wholemeal toast [HxB]. 1 syn for the spread on the toast.

Lunch - Chicken Chow Mein stir fry. A heap of chicken, beanshoots, carrot, half a pack of ribbon noodles and half a sachet of chow mein sauce. Total 5 syns

Snack - 0% fat yogurt, banana

Tea / Dinner - Thai style green curry. Chicken, baby corn, mangetout, green curry paste, coconut milk and a heap of jasmine rice. Bootiful :) 3.5 syns per serving for the curry sauce

Followed by a cuppa tea and a curly wurly for 6 syns.

Total Syns - 15.5
Not too bad, considering it was a day off work, I would have snacked/junked all day before...
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great menu today! New diary? Im going to start a new one on wednesday
Haha, yes, I thought I would start a new one, since the old one was full of mistakes :) I think I have got the hang of it now, this EE thing!
Good luck for Wednesday :) That's your WI too, isn't it! I'm hoping for a loss this week... anything... please... SOMETHING....!!!
Indeed it is and it will be my restart on SW, will be doing EE to. I know i will have a gain on weds but hopefully next week i wont have a gain!
God luck, i hope you have a loss! =]
Fanks :D Wednesday will be a good day all round. I hope. I think with the return of the chappy, you're entitled to a gain :) I'll keep you right next week :p
Tuesday 25.05.2010 - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Poached eggs on toast [HxB] + 1 syn for spread
Snacks - Apple, mullerlight
Lunch - leftover chicken chow mein - 5 syns [heaps of veggies in this!]
snack - banana
Tea - experimental chicken bolognese, made with chicken mince, chopped tomatoes, various spices and whatnot, onion, peppers, and a bit of spaghetti or linguine. This should be syn free, according to my recipe.. :)

6 syns total.

If he has the stuff in the cupboard, I'll also be making my toblerone cookies, which work out at 5 syns each...

[Edit - He didn't :( ]!!
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Wednesday 26.05.2010 - Red Day

Breakfast - Bacon Sandwich, BBQ Sauce [1 syn for the sauce] [HxB for bread]

Lunch - Chicken Salad - Tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, spring onion, carrot, 2 babybels, chicken and salad cream [2 syns for salad cream] [HxA for cheese]

Snack late afternoon - Ham sandwich - [HxB]

Weigh In - Sophie brought Carrot Cake for us to try. It was nice, actually :) I usually get put off by the quark topping, but it was sweet enough!! 1 syn for that

Tea - After weigh in - Chicken chilli :)

Snacks - 1 alpen bar [3], rhubarb muller, 2 apples, banana

1 x HXA
2 x HXB
7 syns so far
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Thursday 27.05.2010

Breakfast - Poached eggs on toast with some beans [HxB + 1 syn]

Lunch - Leftover chicken chilli

Snacks - Yogurt, 2 bananas, an apple, 3 slices of ham

Tea - Curry: Quorn balls in a bhuna sauce, with rice [8.5 syns for sauce]

Pudding - Curly Wurly & a cuppa [6 syns]

Meal Plan = Extra Easy
Syn Count = 15.5

Exercise - 30 minutes on the bike, and then 15 minutes swimming.
Friday 28th May - Completely off plan.

Saturday 29th May - Extra Easy
[could be tricky today, I feel quite sick still following yesterdays bad food day]

Breakfast - beans on toast
Lunch - chicken burrito - 8.5 syns
Tea - teriyaki beef, veggies and rice
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Sunday 30.05.2010

Brunch - bacon and beans on toast [HxB]
Tea - Fish n Chips, and peas. [648 syns probably]

Monday 31.05.2010

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, ham on toast [HxB]
Lunch - cous cous
Snacks - strawberries, banana, vanilla yogurt
Tea - tempted by quesedillas, but think I will have thai chilli chicken and sauteed spudolinis.

I think i might struggle today. It's my first Mother Nature time on SW and all I want is stodge and chocolate. So I had a huge free breakfast, and I have curry leftovers for my lunch. I should have brought more snacky food, but I didn't think this morning...

Breakfast - mushrooms and beans on 1 slice of toast. 1 x alpen bar [3 syns]. Banana [HxB]
Snack - Chicken salad, 1 syn of salad cream
Lunch - leftover thai curry & rice [6 syns]
Tea - 2 x quorn lamb grills and spuds with carrots and peas.
Supper - 2 digestives which I thought were 2 syns each, but are 3.5... oops.

Total Syns - 17

I feel terrible :(
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Oh jenny penny i hope your are ok and have a good day desite evilness.
Just try to avoid naughty stuff and it makes you feel better.

Aw thank you Katie :) I'm feeling a bit more human today, head about ready to pop though still...

Today is a strange day, in that I have a really long day... So food is listed as times rather than set meals.

4:30 - Beans on toast [HxB]
8:00 - Apple
10:00 - cuppa tea and a freddo [5 syns]
12:00 - TLC Mince n Tatties [3.5 syns]
14:00 - banana or another apple. Not sure what I have with me..!
18:30 - Weigh in --- dun dun DURRR
19:00 - Smash Pizza I think [HxA] Unless I cave and get a full fat one from the takeaway...

That's the plan anyway.
Extra Easy.
8.5 syns pre pizza.

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