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Jen's Food Diary =)

Welcome to my food Diary..

I've not started Slimming world YET.
I am going to my 1st group tomorrow night, so i will know more about what i can/cant eat .. what are syn's and what are not...

bye bye :wave_cry: to maccy d's and chippy dinners...

My food Diary today, Just to get me started was -

Tea with 2 sugars! and milk
2 slices wholemeal bread (toasted) with I cant believe it's not butter (lighter) (at work)

Chicken curry ( microwave meal)
Diet coke


Chippy chips & plain sausage ( late in with kids, no time to cook)

2 x cups of tea this evening

Am about to eat a apple.

i dont usually eat this rubbishly, but today has been v busy... and i thought i'd get a chippy in before my SW starts!!
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2 slices of 50/50 bread with 2 slices of Tesco light choices ham
Cucumber, lettuce, red pepper
some cheesey nibbles

Pint of Robinsons orange juice ( No added sugar)

I'm going to have a WW chicken curry micowave meal for dinner and a sainsburys BGTY naan bread with it

I am looking fwd to learning what i can/cant eat @ SW tonight and getting this diet GOING!

1 cup of tea

No brekkie.. No time.


2 slices of kingsmill 50/50 bread
2 slices of tesco lighter choices ham
cucumber/red pepper/lettuce
cheesy nibbles

Pint of Robinsons orange juice

cup of tea

Dinner will be a WW chicken curry ( Microwave meal) and a sainsburys bgty mini naan.

I am looking fwd to going to SW this eve and starting my diet!
I havent a clue what i can and cannot eat, and i've not done my monthly shop yet, as i wanted to wait till after tonight to see what i need to buy in..

as you can see, healthy eating has never been my strong point..:eek:
Thanks, will take a look.. Not sure what happened there when i had 2 posts, i didnt think the other one posted, so did another post.. :eek:

anyway, I had the WW meal when i got home from the SW group

and i've had a apple.

It all starts from tomorrow ;)
hi ladies

Well.. My 1st day of SW isnt going great, i feel terrible and i dont WANT to eat, but i know if i dont.. i'll regret it later..

I have a headache from hell, and i just want to curl up & cry

Food diary today so so far ( will edit later)

1 cup of tea with 1 sugar (1 syn) & milk from HEXA

2 more teas @ work with milk & sugar (2 syns for sugar)
( need to look up syn value for 1 spoon of sugar, i have now bought some sweetner, but didnt have any this morn)


2 slices of Wholemeal bread from a 800g Loaf & Tblespoon of spread
Tesco lighter choices ham ( 2 slices)

Red pepper

Diet coke

1 Green Apple


New potatoes
1 tin of Heinz Vegetable soup ( 2.5 syns)

Mullerlight Strawberry

Diet coke

Total syns for today 5.5 syns

Does anyone know if ham counts as syn? It is the lighter choices ham from tesco???
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How's my 1st day going?? =)

I realise i've not got it completely right, i am trying to follow EE but today hasnt been the greatest of starts, as not much food in and i've not felt very well =(
I realise i need to have more SF foods at each meal

Also, im not sure i have counted up the syns properly!
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Friday 14th Jan

2 x weetabix
Milk from allowance

2 x cups of tea with milk from DA and sweetners


Diet coke


2 x slices of WM bread from a 800G loaf (4 syns for having the extra slice?)
Lean turkey breast slices

1 standard packet of Walkers french fries (4.5 syns)

Diet coke


Jacket potato
heinz baked beans

did cook a Quorn Peppered steak to go with it, but tasted it and it's now in the bin, didnt like it one bit :( so had some more slices of turkey.

Diet coke



8 1/2 syns?? is this right?

How does this look?
hi jenXx did u read the link for newbies i put on my previous post to you it explains it very well, ham , turkey etc counts as free on ee if its off the bone (not the packs of reformed ham,chicken etc) usually the type u get from the butchers, i was following ee but found i wasn't always having the 1/3rd superfree with each meal and didn't like only getting 1 h/e a and b so i now do green or red, have you now joined the s/w group? take a look at some of the diaries on here to get some idea of what to eat, good luck xx
Hi, Yes i did have a look at the Link..

I'm finding it all very hard to get my head round TBH

do you think i may be best going onto a red or green plan then?


Naughty Fridge Picker
Hunny. I just re-read your thread. RELAX!! Seriously your too tense about it all. Sit down with a nice cup of your fave brew, get your books out, and slowly read through them. Make notes if you have to. Dont skip any sections read all the passages. Read it again and again if you need to, to get it to stick and then ask questions about bits you dont understand.

If you like veg hun, you will have no problem having enuff superfree veg, just pile your plate up with a 1/3rd on your plate.

If your following EE you could have had a REAL steak (all fat removed) and made your own SW peppercorn sauce the link is SW recipe.

Dont be scared of food, most of it can be tweaked to fit in with SW rules.

Take a look at other ppls food dairys, theres an enormous amount of recipes out there.

Britmums recipes are seriously lush. Allie does a good diary, she gives you pictures. I put recipes in mine.

Get the magazine in, try some recipes, most of them are very easy to do!

Gain a passion for cooking things that taste amazing, and forget your on a diet! Use your imagination, the skys the limit!!!

Good luck hunny!
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The best thing you can do to help yourself follow the plan is to sit down and read through the plan and learn what foods are syn free, healthy extra's and syns. If you joined group, you should have all the information you need to follow the diet sucessfully. It does take time at the beginning to get your head round it, but it's worth it once it becomes second nature.

If you focus on what's syn free, and getting the superfree in with every meal, the rest should fall into place easily.

1 healthy extra portion of bread is 6 syns, so 2 slices of bread from a normal sized loaf would be 1 HEB and 6 syns. Also, a can of Heinz vegetable soup is 9 syns, not 2.5.
Hi, thanks for the input

Am just cooking my dinner ( pork loin fat removed, new pots and Veg... lots of.. )

will post my diary later..

I have gone over my syns today, i blame it on the naughty nature valley oat bar i ate this afternoon... i didnt realise how many syns it was till i came online..
I have been fairly good today though, plenty of fruits etc and dinner is looking good..

will explain more later!
Saturday 15th Jan

EE Day

B- Tea with milk from HEXA

1 Shortbread finger ( 5 syns) :)mad:)

Diet coke

L- 1/2 a small bagel (2.5 syns if that it was small and didnt eat it all) with chicken

Diet coke


Nature valley oat bar (9syns..:eek::eek::eek:)

D - Pork loin steak ( fat removed) Grilled with New pots & carrots & Broccolli & Gravy ( 2syns)

Diet coke

May have a muller light shortly.

Total syns for today -
17 or 18 :mad:

ah well. cant win em all!!!

I was on a course and the biccie literally jumped into my hand, honest...!!

and the nature valley thing?? i dunno!!

I am still getting to grips with this whole thing anyway and i've already beaten myself up about messing up the last few days, so sod it, im not expecting any great weight loss this week now...! but hoping to get to grips with this plan asap and start losing weight!


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Fry an onion in frylight until soft.
Add chicken stock (bovril or cubes, I use 1 knorr and 1 oxo cube)
Simmer until thickened.

I tried gravy granules recently again for a treat.
EUGH. Nothing compared to the onion one.

Ps. Just seen a recipe for a mushroom version of this and its AMAZING!

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