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Jerrice's Food Diary

Have decided to keep a food diary! Will post all of last weeks, then start keeping it daily.

Day one, extra easy.

Breakfast - bacon (no rind)

Lunch - Mugshot (free) Egg & ham salad (all free) French Fries (4 syns)

Snack - 6
wholewheat crackerbreads (heb) pineapple cottage cheese, celery sticks

Dinner - Oven potato slices & beef stew (all free)

Treats - Hartleys jelly (1 syn?) mini flake (2.5 syns) satsuma, bis
cuit (4?) french fries (4 syns)

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Day Two

Day Two - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Lasting Satisfaction yogurt (free), 6 wholewheat crackerbreads & cottage cheese (heb)

Lunch - Potato salad (1.5 syns for mayo) ham salad, fench fries (4 syns)

Late afternoon - SW chips & cheese (hea)

Snacks - French fries (shared with Josh 3 syns) satsuma, mini flake (2.5 syns)

Dinner - syn-free BBQ sauce on veg & chicken skewers, home made veggie rice (all free)

Pudding - syn-free pancakes

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Day Three

Out for the day, so this may be tricky!

Breakfast - 6 w/w crackerbreads & cottage cheese

snack on train - french fries (4 syns)

Lunch at cafe - Baked potato, lots of salad, ham (all free) coleslaw (5 syns?) crisps (3 syns)

snack - mugshot (free) french fries (4 syns)

Tea - chicken chop suey & boiled rice takeaway (2 or 3 syns for oil perhaps?)
Day Four

Dat Four - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Muller light yogurt, banan, satsuma

snack - french fries (4 syns)

Lunch - Egg, bacon, syn-free sausages, home-made hash brown, beans & fried mushrooms (all free)

snack - mini flake (2.5 syns), chicken (free)

late afternoon - 6 w/w crackerbreads & pineapple cottage cheese (heb)

Dinner - gammon, SW chips, mange tout, baby corn, egg (all free)

Evening snack - vodka! & diet coke (too many!!)
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Day Five

Day Five - Extra Easy

Breakfast - (was feeling the effects of last nights drinking, so needed an energy boost) mugshot (free)

snack - french fries (4 syns)

Lunch - 2 small jacket potatoes, HEA of light cheese, tuna crunch (1 syn), salad

snack - tesco cheese curls (3.5 syns)

dinner - spag bol (free), 3 slices WW malted danish (heb) flora light (1 syn)
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Day Six

Day Six - Extra Easy

Breakfast - 3 syn-free sausages

snack - 2 x tesco cheese curls (7 syns)

Lunch - sweet potato & onion soup (f
ree) BLT (mayo 1 syn, bread heb)

Tea-time snack - Ravioli (free) fried polenta (free) (we eat when the kids are all in bed, but get hungry at tea-time when the kids eat their tea!)

Dinner - Oozing turkey burgers (HEA cheese)& roasted veg couscous

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Day Seven

Day Seven - Extra Easy

Breakfast - 2 slices of WW malted da
nish & low fat marg (2 syns) & heb (or so I thought!!)

snack - tesco cheese curls (3.5 syns) sweet & spicy mugshot (free)

Lunch - gammon, mushroms, eggs, beans & fried polenta

snack - tesco cheese curls (3.5 syns)

Dinner - wild mushroom risotto
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Day Eight

Day Eight - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Fried sliced polenta, spaghetti hoops.

Snack - tesco cheese curls (3.5 syns)

Lunch - Sweet potato & onion soup, baked potato & cheese, salad

Tea-time snack - Scotch eggs (free and very very yummy!! am making these more often!)

large bowl of strawberries

Dinner - Chicken chow mein(takeaway) 6 syns

Supper - 6 ww crackerbreads (heb) low fat marg (3 syns)
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Day Nine

Day Nine - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Fried polenta slices, beans, egg & mushrooms

Snack - bowl of syn-free veg soup

Lunch - salmon salad

Snack - french fries (8 syns)

Dinner - Lemon, garlic & chicken casserole, potatoes with skins.

Supper - puffed wheat (heb) & SS milk (hea)
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There isnt much fruit and veg in that lot Hun!!!!
Hmmm all of my evening meals contain veg, Ihave veg soup and/or salad for lunch so not sure where I can add more. I suppose I could eat fruit for breakfast, but probably wouldnt enjoy it.
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Day Ten

Breakfast - banana, lasting satisfaction yogurt

Snack - french fries x 2 (8 syns)

Lunch - SW chips & ravioli, satsuma

Snack - 6 crab sticks, 1 boiled egg

Tea time snack - salad & 2 mini scotch eggs (all free)

Dinner - roasted veg & bacon lasagne (hea cheese)

mini flake (2.5 syns)
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