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JessiJ's 'Just get on with it' food diary.

Hi there like many I've been lurking for a while and enjoying the fabulous threads on here.

Last year I lost weight on slimming world, not a huge amount, but what I needed to feel good about myself again. This year things have kind of gone to pot and most on it has gone back on. Plenty of excuses, the main one being that I badly broke my foot and couldn't exercise for 6 months, but the excuses are running out now. So I have decided to start a diary on here to try to motivate myself. I felt amazing when I lost the weight last time, and so much more confident, and I want to feel like that again.

If I don't do it now I dread to think where I will be by the time Christmas is over lol! I'm going to do it at home this time rather than attending class to save a bit of cash.

I also need to start exercising again and want to try the C25k. I never realised how toned I used to be until it all left me! You never appreciate what you've got til it's gone!

So this is my diary. I want to try a mix of extra easy and green days (which I haven't done before) and start the excerise.

My breakfasts and lunches don't vary much but my evening meals for the next few days are planned as:

Mon - Chicken salad
Tues - quorn stuffed peppers
Wed - puttanesca
Thurs - meatballs, cous cous and salad.

Plus a few syns here and there as I feel the need!

So here's to attempt number two!
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Right then, today I 'av been mostly eating......

Breakfast: Banana and a coffee (if it counts as breakfast 4 hours after I wake up)
Snack: Fruit salad
Lunch: 5 Wholegrain Ryvita hxb & 3 laughing cow extra light hxa (shared it with milk in 3 hot drinks) & muller light.
Snack: 2 clementines then later a mugshot
Dinner: Chicken, Nandos sauce (2 syns), salad.

Total syns for the day = 2.

I had to work in Bristol today (I'm based in the Midlands) which always throws my eating off. Getting up ridiculously early, I can't normally face anything until I get to the office just after 9, then I'm so busy rushing to meetings I forget to eat properly. By the time I head home I'm starving and have to resist pigging out on the train back on while I'm waiting for my dinner to cook.

Lessons from today:
Too much fruit. Yeah its good for you but it contains a lot of sugar so I need to vary it with veg.
I probably didn't have enough lunch or healthy extras.
I'm glad I saved the clementines for the train home, when I was really hungry and would have been tempted by crisps otherwise.
Need to drink more water, as my headache can testify.
I resisted the amazing canteen at work.

Mind you, I'm exhausted now, but not craving anything very synful foodwise or alcoholic, so I'm happy. :)
Happy Tuesday to anyone who happens across my thread today.

I'm taking the opportunity over lunch to update this as I've remembered I had sugar in my coffee yesterday so I needed change the number of syns consumed to 4. I'm terrible at remembering syns sometimes! I will update my diary again later but wanted to post this now in case I forget again!
Your weight loss will be better if you make sure you have a few more syns. The books say you should have between 5-15 every day. Cutting down on your syns won't help you lose more weight. For a lot of people they lose more weight when they have 8-10 syns a day, for myself I've always needed the full 15 a day to lose (I never lost more than 1.5lb in a week).

I was back in my normal office today so it wasn't such a long and hectic day as yesterday. I tried to do a green day so here goes....

B: Banana
S: Muller light
L: houmous (hxb) wholemeal pitta (hxb) carrots sticks & radishes (lots!)
S: 2 clementines
D: quorn stuffed pepper (2 syns) brown rice & cheese (hxa)
Milk in hot drinks: 1.5 syns

Total so far = 3.5

Thanks joedenise for the advice re. syns. I've felt quite hungry during the day today so I think I need to work out what is filling but not loads of syns. I will look at some diaries. I had been planning to save some syns for an indian meal out on Friday but that might be cancelled now so it won't matter.

When I did slimming world before I used to save my syns for alcohol for the weekend but I think I need to take a different approach this time.

I weighed myself this morning and had lost 2lb which I was really pleased with. I had gained 1.5 lbs last week so I'm glad I lost that and a little extra.

I also did day 1 on c25k. It was lovely and fresh outside. I will have to keep an eye on my dodgy foot but hopefully it will get stronger and not give me too many problems. It was great to get out and clear my head for half an hour.

A bit about me while I'm here. I'm 28, work for a government department and am single. I have moved back in with my parents for a year while I save for a deposit to buy a house. I don't live so near my friends anymore and I miss them loads although we keep in touch I don't have the nights out like I used to. My friend at work and I have agreed to spur each other on in our efforts as she is doing WW at the mo. She's a great support and inspiring too. I love reading, the theatre, films and football.

Anyways, Im going to read a few diaries to get some tips.


EDIT - Decided to treat myself to an options before bed so total syns for the day = 5.5
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B: Banana
S: muller light, alpen fruit & nut (6 syns?)
L: wholemeal pitta (hxb), houmous (hxb)carrots & radishes
D: wholemeal pasta, puttanesca sauce (2 syns)

Total syns so far = 8

Still trying to keep my syns down as I'm definitely going out for a meal and drinks on Friday.
Green day today :D

B: Banana
S: Apple
L: Homemade leek & potato soup and 2 x slice w/m bread (hxb), muller light.
S: Monster Munch - 5.5 syns
D: Pasta Puttanesca - 2 syns

Milk in hot drinks (hxa)

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