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Jo & Tara's get our a**ses back in gear thread!


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Well, I'll keep it brief.

Basically, I am under a lot of stress at the moment and its not likely to get any better for at least a few months.

I have turned to my old friend and ally - comfort food - and consequently put on around half a stone.

I have eaten very very badly - pizza, garlic bread, roast dinners, maltesers, chocolate biscuits, cakes, sweets , you name it, i've eaten it in the past few weeks!

Anyway, the time has come to STOP! I did not put myself through this diet for nothing and therefore I have to get a grip!

Tara will be on here also so that we can support eachother to get to goal. (she may have a few confessions of her own!lol)

Right, so this week the plan is to SS to get back in the swing of things and get rid of all that muck in my system!

Love to you all xxx
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Well I wish you lots of luck Jodie. Just stay strong and get back on track. You can do this, it's only 7 lbs.

I have to say the photo of you in your black shorts has been a real inspiration to me to shift my arse into gear and get my weight off.

Knuckle down and watch those lbs fall off.


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S: 19st4lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st7.5lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 6st4lb(32.59%)
Godd luck, you'll be back on track before you know it!


I will get to goal .....
Good luck you guys!! You know you can do (and so do we :D). Will be watching this thread to note your progress.



MUST get a grip
Hey you 2 - you dont me me to tell you that you BOTH can do this! So heads down you can shift a shed load if you SS for just 7 days and then go back up a plan or 2....

Loads of vibes and willpower to you both.......

Tara - dont forget you need to start a least one daily with a randomly spelt week name hun - just for the enigmaticness of it!

GO GIRLIES xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
thanks girlies

clare i shall try me best to do an odd spelt daily this week hun, was wednesday last week, oo wonder what one it will be this time lol
You could go for Teusday or thirsday or maybe even Fryday!!!
Evening All

Tara - i've just opened scrabulous with a terrible first move - think you're going to beat me this time!

Well, today has gone very well. I've been at work so kept busy which always helps. So far i've had 3 coffees with a little semi skimmed milk, one tea, 1 1/2 litres of water and 1 tetra. I need to get some more water down me and will have another tetra in a bit, then a bar before bed.

Not finding it too difficult so far - roll on the weekend when hopefully i'll have shifted a few pounds.

Tara - hows it going hun?xxx
Am so pleased today is going great for you Jo,

I am not gonna ss, but Diet wise i am doing great so far today, i have had 2 packs and slamon,couscous & veg for tea, & 5 GT's & 4 coffee's. Tho i have not been hungry today i have been craving rubbish, but TOTM is due at the end of the week so i know its down to that that i want the crap food BUT i will resist !!

Right off to see if its my turn yet on our scrabble game, that will help keep my away from the fridge & cupboards lol

Hello my pretties :D

Missed you jo, glad to see you back and tara i hope that posting more helps you again.

You've come so far girlies, don't let old habits get the better of you. With you all the way xxxx
Morning everyone! Nice to see you there Leah hun,lots of xxxxxx to you

Tara - you up yet?

Its my day off so will be abit trickier today but hoping for another good one. Managed to SS yesterday although i did have milk in my drinks but not going to worry about that.

Going to have a another blast at SS today. Taking it one day at a time but if i can manage a whole week i'll be ecstatic!

Right, off to make a coffee and get myself moving

Chat later
morning Jo,

lol yep i am up, been busy bee this morning, got the kids ready and packed off to school & i left the same time 8.15 am to pop to sainsburys as youngest dd needed some bits that i had fogotten to get for cookery today, opppsss no mum of the year for me lol, got down there and realised while i was queing up for the cash machine that i had left my bank card at home ,der me such a div lol, so back home i came,then went straight back to sainsburys got me bits then had to get the stuff home & then take what Alisha needed to school,
so am finally home and can catch me breath with a GT and catch up with whats going on in here yippee

well done for yesterday hun,and i am sure your have another great day today,you no on the new ss plan u can have milk hun so dont worry bout it,

I too had a good day yesterday but was really cold last night so what did i go do? i went and had a frozen choc tetra,am sure by the time i had finished it i had turned blue lol

right off to catch up on some other threads and FB

Wow, what a hectic morning Tara! you should have a lie down now and get your breath back:D

Well done for yesterday - your dinner sounded yum.

Today I forgot to take a shake out with me so I was STARVING! Ended up having a tube of sugar free polos and an apple at my mum's house plus loads of coffees to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

Just got back and had a hot banana tetra so feeling okay again now.

No water yet today so need to start drinking.

Feel really tired now, hoping little one will have a little nap so that i can have one too!:D
naughty you not taking your shake out with you lol,

do feel like having a nap myself tbh but only got 35 mins b4 kids start getting home from school, sian be home 1st about 3 pm, then ryan about 3,15 then last but not least alisha about 3.40 !, so i guess i wont be napping!

am doing ok so far, have had a cd bar mid morning, and this afternoon i have had 3 nana coffee's still got some tetra left so will beable to have another couple to see me through the rest of the afternoon, have also had 4 GT's,and have just finished 2nd ltr water

go get that water down you, & enjoy your nap if ds lets you huni
Hi hun - how we doing today?

Yesterday I ended up having abit more fruit and a vegetable bake (just a small portion in a tomato based sauce rather than cheese) as I felt pretty hungry.

Today I've had one tetra, a few coffees, a pear and a few grapes. I was at work till lunchtime and then did a bit of shopping this afternoon. Feeling absolutely knackered now! I've got no energy whatsoever.

Think I may have some salmon or quorn sausages tonight with abit of a veg as I'm pretty hungry again and need abit of an energy boost.

I'm fine with that as long as i'm not eating rubbish thats all that counts in my book.

Sneaked on the scales this morning just to see if anything had happened and was 9st 2.5lbs which i was quite pleased as considering i was 9st 7.5lb on Sunday. Just another few pounds to go................


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