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Joanna's Weight Loss Diary :)

After a flying start (1 stone in 6 weeks to be precise) things are flagging slightly so by maintaining a food diary on here, I'm hoping things improve. I was out late last night salsa dancing and got the shakes so had to have a mars bar. I don't even like them. Just seemed like the thing to do and to be honest I felt ten times better after having it. Think I was suffering from low sugar levels. So anyway...I follow EE so most of my days will be that. Here's todays...

Breakfast - none...I slept through!

Lunch - fat free supernoodles, so free :) Had a fruit salad after though to make up my 1/3 of SF

Dinner - tried something new...I made salmon fillet in tomato and basil sauce and served with a side salad in the Fry Light balsamic dressing so that was free :) I had a skinny cow caramel shortcake ice lolly for dessert which went down a treat and well worth the 4.5 syns it cost me.

Going to wrap up with an options white hot chocolate now at 2 syns.

Total Syns today: 6.5 (hopefully this will start to make up for my excessiveness yesterday!! oh how I love a flexi syn!)
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Well done that all looks very healthy and yummy, and well done for your speedy weight loss.

Do you really like those white choc Options? I tried one the other day and thought it had a really funny taste to it, but maybe it was just me. I far prefer the original ones, so yummy and really make you feel amazing, v surprising how a mug of low fat hot chocolate can cheer you up!
Thank you very much :)

Adore options and if I have some extra syns I often chuck in some fat free aerosol cream and a marshmallow or too....heaven ! Especially now it's getting cold!!

As for the White hot choc....I adore them; my work colleagues think they smell like baby sick!

I've substituted my tea fix now for sugar free hot vimto....love it :)

Today...I believe has been a 100% day!!!! So far......let's just hope I can stay focussed through this evening as this is my dangerous time...so anyway...here's what we've got...

Breakfast - Oatso Simple with Semi-Skimmed (HEXA&B)

Lunch - Rice with veg mixed in (not the packet vegetable rice stuff) and some tuna added. Vanilla muller

Dinner - This will probably be mango glazed chicken and noodles or something along those lines....2syns for the mango chutney!

Syns and Snacks - Mango Chutney 2, Fun Size Malteasers 5.5, Apple, Plum and Banana all free.

So all in all a pretty good day. Weighed myself at work as well this morning and looking good :) Hopefully another 2lbs off this week! (although...that's since two weeks ago...I didn't WI last week but ssshh!!!)
Well I have been truly awful at this! I'm the same at any kind of diary...so lets get up to speed on what's going on!!!

Ok so I can't remember Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - but what I do conveniently remember is STONE BUSTING YESTERDAY!!!! hell yeah!!! and lost 3 lbs....ecstatic!!!

As for food diary for today...

BREAKFAST: HEXA and B - Oatso Simple - frozen raspberries thrown in for good measure

LUNCH: Jacket and Beans, Muller Yoghurt, Banana

DINNER: Nandos....1/4chicken...skin off...from what I've read this makes it syn free...plus spicy rice (which I think is 3 syns max) and Corn on the Cob (syn free)

When I got home also had a skinny cow skinny dipper for 4 syns, and then couldn't resist a 1.5 syn mini milk to wash it down!!! Oh well...total of 8.5 syns...going to discount the rest of todays just in case the chicken/rice is more than I anticipate!!!
Somehow...today....I forgot breakfast! Doh!!!!

So what did I have today?

LUNCH - Brown bread (HEXB), Winter vegetable soup

DINNER - Chilli slimming world chips, "Fried" egg x 2 in fry light and red onion with corn on the cob!!!

SNACKS - muller light, banana x 2, mini milk 1.5 syns, fun size twix 5.5
Been busy meal planning today for the next month!!!! Am eagerly anticipating pay day to get loads of yummy fresh fruit in and try out some exciting new recipes! Will keep you posted!


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Well done Joanna,

Congratulations on your stone. That's brilliant. Hope the planning works. I plan but not enough so I end up with too much food in the online shopping (healthy food though) and eating the same thing because I haven't got enough of anything else in !! Oh well, it's working so what does it matter.

Good luck for this week.

Gail x
Thanks very much Gail - and to you!!! I tend to eat the same meals for a while too because as I'm a single person, living alone, I try and plan so that I eat a fair bit of one thing, so I can minimise waste as much as possible.



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I'm in the same boat but clearly not quite as good at the planning bit and minimising waste as you are........!!!
Haha! believe me I'm not naturally a particularly organised kinda girl...I just know if I don't plan, I'll come home, and if there's no chicken defrosted for my tea, I'll end up spending a fortune buying chilled chicken too!!! Eating fresh every day and eating as much fruit/veg/salad as I have too is expensive, so it's definitely about saving as much money as I can too!


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I am so in the same place as you !!!! ;)

I'm not that organised (in some ways) but my planning skills are being exhausted by making sure that I have food to take to work and food to eat in the evening. So by the time I get to planning my shop, I'm just 'all out' of organisation ! So what arrives with the man in the van arrives and I make do with that. Must find a recipe for quorn and pears.............................:D


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Will do (but don't hold your breath !!) :) :sigh:
just had crispy prawns and noodles for dinner...snip at 4 syns!!! i try and syn free meals all through the week and abuse flexi syns at weekend!

J x
oh dear...not good at this diary malarkey am i!!! anyway...good result last night! 2.5 off, achieved club 10 aaaannndd slimmer of the month!!!! yay! :)

plans for today are:

Breakfast : Bacon Roll (Roll HEXB)
Lunch : something pasta like
Tea: jacket, ham and beans with cheese (HEXA)

Off to see Harry Potter tonight so going to save my syns for the flicks!


Plodding on.......
That's brilliant Joanna. Well done on your losses.

Hope you enjoyed Harry Potter. And hope you enjoyed the syns too !!

Hope next week goes as well.

Gail x

P.S. How long have you been in the north west now ?? Have you settled yet ?

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