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My turn now!!

We moved to Bexhill last summer and have spent a while settling etc (including having problems with a very damp flat, arguements with the letting agent, moving again etc) but we are finally getting our roots down!

I've been looking for part time work (did do an hour a day at the school of a lunchtime - children great but couldn't work with the deputy head! + want a lot more hours)

I was looking for jobs on the Jobcentreplus website and saw an Admin job, Weds-Fri, 9am-5pm. It is literally one minute walk round the corner from me, and that's if I dawdle. It would mean that I can drop my son off to school (he is top year juniors) of a morning (see him off when he changes to senior next year).

I was going to let him start walking home from school on his own from this term anyway as he needs to start practicing for next year so those 3 days he will let himself in the house, change, sort out a drink etc and it won't be long until I'm home. I'm sooo close in case of problems. Come September he'll be attending a senior school that doesn't finish until 5pm anyway.

I'll be able to come home of a lunchtime and prepare dinner so no rush jobs of an evening so should make it easier to stick to plan. In fact home is one minute to the left while the town centre is 2 minutes to the right so home is closer :D

The job is for an organisation that provides support for infertile couples so it'll be one of those where you come home feeling like you've helped some people in some small way and it's the sort of work I like doing.

I emailed my CV to an agency on Wednesday afternoon. About an hour later they emailed back asking for me to complete a page on a form which I returned. Yesterday morning they rang to tell me I've got an interview next Friday at 11.30am and that he has very high hopes as I've got the skills and experience of working in 'sensitive' fields (fostering & voluntary in a hospital).

I'm really excited as the hours are perfect, the moneys good and it's a job I'd enjoy.
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It sounds perfect for you and you sound perfect for it.
Good luck at the interview, I'll keep everything crossed for you xx


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Awww yay! Good luck, keep us posted xxx


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Sounds great, fingers crossed you get it.

I have to find a job, 2010 is the year of me and losing weight and gaining a job are my priorities right now, so you go girl :D


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Oh Sue it sounds made for you! I shall keep everything crossed that you get it xx


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It sounds absolutly perfect for you! I will keep my fingers crossed! xx


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Sue, that job sounds perfect for you and sounds like you would be an excellent candidate!! Good luck with the interview (keeping everything crossed for you :D) and let us know how you get on!! :clap:


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Good luck It sounds like 2010 is going to be your year


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Awe Sue, I hope you get the job, its sounds perfect for you. fingers crossed for Friday and let us know asap. Would have replied sooner but only just found your post. :D:D:D


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3.5 hours to go!

We rent our flat and ever since we moved in the telly has been dreadful. The letting agency called their man who does out and he has said it needs a new aerial but because of the weather the first time he can come out is this morning.

That's a real pain in the a**e as I would usually wander in and out the shower and bedroom half dressed while putting the slap on etc. I'm going to have to grab my shower after dropping my son off at school and before aerial man shows up etc.

PLUS I had a clear out of all my old clothes etc, the ones that are too large and the ones I expected to have shrunk out of by the time I needed them again which leaves me with NO smart jackets!!

I think I'm going to have to wear one of my old ones and 'lose' it in the downstairs hallway which, as far as I can tell, is unmanned and hope nobody knicks it!


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Good luck today, I'm looking forward to hearing how it all goes, post as soon as you can won't you?
I'll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts xx