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Jodies pre wedding weight loss

Hi everyone im Jodie, 24 and im getting married in New York on 22nd December 2010.
I had a baby 12 weeks ago, and have 2 stone baby weight to lose, plus 2 stone pre pregnancy weight, so 4 stone in total.
I was doing slimming world, but didnt seem to be losing, so from tomorrow im starting slim fast, and also taking adios.
Im going to try and get on every day to say how i have got on.
Wish me luck!!!
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Jodie, before i say anything about the diet i will first say i am hideously amazingly jealous of you getting married in NYC at Christmas, you absolute lucky thing, we went about 2 xmas's ago and i fell in love, it so lovely, cold but lovely, what an amazing thing to have to look forward too!!
as for the diet, i was the same as you, i was on SW and just wasnt loosing, i dont think it was strict/convenient enough for me, SF on the other hand is just a charm!! its so so easy but also flexible too, i would say that having things like fruit of non fat yoghurt as your snacks will show you better losses, along with some gentle excersize, but its great that if you feel like a chocolate fix or you need something a wee bit stodgy or more sustaining than fruit there are so many 'naughty snacks' as i call them for 100cals!! my main tip would be make sure you keep up with your water intake, you will get used to the wee'ing!!
apart from that were all here for support, and were all in the same boat as you, its funny that sometimes you think your the only one who thinks something about food, you write it on here and you can bet your bottom dollar someone else thinks it too!!
have a good read of the other blogs and threads to get some good tips.
good luck (im going to shut up now!!)

Hayles xx
Ah thanks Hayles. Yes i am very excited about NYC, just struggling to find something to wear!!
Thanks for the tips, i joined the gym today too.
I really hope this works. I got adios too, have you tried these?
morning jodie. welcome to slim fast. this will be the last diet you will need as it really does work!
where in nyc are you getting married? i went there a while back and loved it. bloomindales and macey's was great :D
congrats on the new baby. dont forget to work on your pelvic floor!!
good luck on your new slim fast journey ;)
Well day 1 nearly over, and i have loved it.
I had chocolate shake for breakfast, then went to the gym.:character00116: My mid morning snack was some fruit, and yoghurt.
Lunch was strawberry shake, and afternoon snack was sf pretzels.
Dinner i have got chicken, veg and pots, and had 200 cals left from this so had some crispbread whilst waiting lol, and for later i have my 100 cal snack, plus 100 left from dinner, so think i might have hot choc, ryvita, strawberries and a meringue. Also going to make some jelly to pick at through the day.
Done well with my water too nearly hit 2lt, which is a first for me. Im counting down the days to getting weighed im so excited.:D
well done on your first day, see its sooooo easy!!
i havent tried adios with the diet, looking forward to see how you get on!!
Well so far i am loving sf:D. It just makes life so easy and im not constantly obsessing over food and what i am going to eat!:eat:
Had a sneaky weigh this morning after starting friday so have done 2 full days and i am down 3lbs!!!! :party0011::party0011:I know it can fluctulate but its a start and it is really motivating me. I just cant wait for thursday and see what a week on sf has done.
Tried the chocolate crisp bars for lunch today and they are sooooo yummy, but expensive so will only have them if we are out and about. I say they are expensive, £3.99 for 3, so little over £1 each, yet a mcdonalds cost nearly £5, fish and chips the same, so its really not that expensive! The last 3 days i have had lots of veg too, didnt do that on slimming world lol.
Going to the gym tomorrow, plan to go weekdays and have the weekends off as we do things as a family. I did walk lots today round the boot fair so thats all good.
Anyway untill tomorrow Adios lol:wavey:


Gold Member
Hiya welcome to SF sounds like your definetly motivated to do well and congratulations on your future wedding im sure its gonna be absolutely fantastic.
Well weigh in tomorrow and I am dreading it. I never have any luck losing weight so not holding out much hope, but still keeping my fingers crossed. Been really enjoying the slim fast plan though, been having my 2 litres of water everyday and lots of yummy foods.
Will return tomorow with weigh in results!
Wish me luck [/COLOR]
good luck for 2moro,,, but to be honest if you been following plan and not cheating i dont see any reason why you wouldnt lose anything xxxx
Yay 3.5lbs off this week. I'm so so so happy and really am enjoying doin slim fast. I so hope it keeps working for me as I have a fair bit to go yet or my wedding. Going to harvester for dinner tonight so planning on simply chicken.
Back later to post how I do XX
wooohoooo well done on the loss
well done!!!! its a great feeling isnt it! heres to 3.5 and more!! x
yay 2lb off this week that's 5.5lb so far, only another 1.5 for my first half a stone.
Not really had chance to get on much this week busy with baby.
Have ordered my wedding dress so will have that next week. I got a size 14 and at the mo I'm a 16/18 so really need to keep losing.
Well fingers crossed for 1.5 next week!!!
well done keep up the good work,,, you need to follow it really carefully after ordering your dress
how lovely youve got your dress how exciting, and also a fab excuse to keep trying it on to see if it fits!i bet you will have to get it taken in in the end!!
Wow a wedding in NY at christmas..... It's going to be lovely! I've never been but always seen photos of time square and it looks magical!!!

Good luck on the weight loss, there's definatly no going back now you have a dress! I bet it's going to be beautiful!!!!
It sounds wonderfully romantic! I want to meet the bloke of my dreams......
Thanks for your comments guys really keeps me going! Well 1lb off this week, half off my first half stone. Really going to push myself folr the gym this week and get a great loss next week!!!!

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