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Jodie's Refeeding Diary before mini cruise holiday!!


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Hi all!

Well went for my final weigh in this week before I refeed for my holiday in 2 weeks time and I lost 4lbs!!! So really chuffed with that as was 2lb last week!

Well to explain really I am starting refeed today for 2 weeks! I wanted to stick to tfr until I reached my goal but I won a free mini cruise so had to book it for July 15th :D!! I phoned up the company and was told that I could not bring any food (formula) or a blender or kettle on board, which is a bummer because for a 3 day trip I could have just stuck with TFR.

Oh well nevermind! Will be back to tfr in 3 weeks time exactly, my chemist advised me to eat low carb and low cal while Im away which is what I intend to do, so I dont gain and have set up my meal plans (incl cals) for the next 2 weeks, so wish me luck, im still waiting for my dinner to cook, im soooo nervous!!! Although I know some people have been on this for 20 odd weeks before refeed and ive only done six!

Oh and have realised and im halfway to goal now without a single cheat! WOOP! :bliss:

Brekkie - Vanilla shake with tsp coffee (hot)
Lunch - baked chicken breast 4oz and 2 tablespoons broccoli
Dinner - Choc shake (hot) yummy!
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Well done on your achievements so far. Good luck for refeed, you should be fine sticking to low carbs while away too, hope you have a great holiday.


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Thanks Kered! Well after staring at the plate of broccoli and chicken in sheer horror for 10 minutes I finally took the plunge and had my first mouthful of food, what can I say it was Heaven and the 7 wonders of the world combined!! The chicken was so juicy and the steamed broccoli so sweet, and I couldnt believe how flavoursome it was and how I didnt need to add salt or pepper!

I couldnt finish it all though, was too full :)
I had a 4oz instead of 6oz chicken breast, is that ok? Because thats how much it weghed on scales and I was full on less than that.

Ooooooh Im looking forward to my tuna tommorow now, as before LT tuna was my most favourite food and I ate it pretty much everyday :D
hey well done

4oz chicken is fine 6oz is the max really which is quite a large amount so its all fine x


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Cheers Adam, wasnt too sure whether I had to stick to the preset amounts on the refeed sheet, although my chemist didnt give me one! Had to look on here lol :D


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Ok not been able to update my diary for a few days, yesterday felt very poorly, weak, fatigued and last night I was up with night sweats and really sore throat (possibly related to the feeling of having something stuck in my throat?). Anyway woke up this morning and my throat is red with white spots so have just been on the water today and tea with skimmed milk and sweetners, I just cant swallow any food. My brother had mono a few weeks back, so it could well be that I have that as doctor said to him symptoms dont show up for up to a month later after exposure.

Am off to doctor tommorow to see anyway what else it could be if not mono.

I had my broccoli and chicken yesterday - was really yummy ate it all :D

Then I had the tuna salad for tea and could not finish it.

Im just thinking how flaming ironic it is that now im on refeed and can eat again that now im unable to eat because my throat is swollen and raw - it sucks!!!


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Feel better today, fever has gone although I now have white lumps my throat and it looks red raw!

Anyways have eaten today sore throat or not -need to fill these glycogen levels up slowly.

Breakfast - coffee/vanilla LT shake

Lunch - I cant eat chunky food so I put my chicken, broccoli, carrot, and some hot water in a blender and had it baby food style. Toasted a slice of nimble bread and let in soak in the 'diy' style soup. It was a lot nicer than I thought.

Snack - ww peach yogurt @ 58 cals

Dinner - Spag bol, made with lean mince, mushroom, garlic and low fat sauce, again I blended this into a puree and boiled 2oz pasta until it was really mushy - it was absolute heaven :D

Felt a bit naughty today adding the carbs, Im so paranoid now im going to put weight on :( Really need to go doctor tommorow, still havent been yet.


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Sounds more like tonsilitis ... gargle with some soluble aspirin, that should numb it a bit. Hope you feel better soon xx


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Thanks guys, yes Jan I did have tonsilitus! But its cleared up quite quickly, alot faster than usual, I do really need to get them removed :(, I think all the water must have helped.

Am still on track with refeed having my shake for breakfast and lean meat and pasta and veg for dinner and sandwich for lunch. Snacks at the moment have been a portion of fruit and a ww yoghurt. Tried some snackajakcs the other day - very filling!

My meals have been practically the same everyday just substituting meat, veg and sandwich filling for other alternate low fat options. Have gotten behind with this diary now, but Im on track and only eating what I should so its all good!

I dont know why but I really really do miss the simplicity of the shakes, it was like I felt secure on them and now im eating again I feel guilty so cant wait until after my holiday so I can have them again until I reach my goal!

Saturday is my weigh in day but havent wighed in today, im weighing in monday instead as it is totm and I dont want to feel demoralized if Im showing a fluid gain, so should get an accurate reading monday.

I am scared I have put weight on but I know thats physically impossible if I have followed the refeed 100% which I have. I do keep having to remind myself over the water though now im feeling full, need a kick up the backside over that one! :D


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Glad you're feeling better and sure you won't have done any damage!

My daughter is a chronic tonsilitis sufferer ... they won't take them out I'm afraid! They don't like doing that these days. I thought they might consider my daughter as she's allergic to penicillin and can't take the alternative (erythromycin) either coz it makes her sick but they won't.

Anyway - good luck for your weigh-in xx


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Thanks Jan, they wont take them out? surely thats not right??? Especially if its a long recurring thing.

Anyways weighed in, had a stay the same, pleased with that, but I feel I have gained weight in one respect, must be the feeling of fullness.

I feel really bad because I should be enjoying refeed and im really not, I feel stupid really, but I just want to be back on the shakes now, I suppose its becuase im missing the feeling of losing weight and im impatient to get the rest off. Well here I am now looking forward to July 18th and getting back on the LT wagon again!


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I know EXACTLY what you mean about not wanting to eat and missing the shakes. I'm finding it's taking quite some time to feel 'comfortable' around eating. I suppose it's understandable but I look forward to feeling more relaxed.

My daughter asked the GP last time she had a bout of tonsilitis as she doesn't get paid when she's off sick. They wouldn't even consider refering her - I suppose it may vary from GP to GP but ours said that the benefits did not outweigh the risks .... easy to say when you're throat isn't killing you and you're getting paid!! xx

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