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jogging on treadmill

Today I managed to jog on the treadmill - albeit for a couple of minutes only - but so proud of myself. Been going to gym for couple of weeks now - did little exercise before. My goal is to be able to do 10 minutes within next couple of months. Is this achieveable? Has anyone else gone from getting out of breath after a minute or 2 to being able to sustain it for longer. How long did it take to build up stamina?
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Google C25k, it's a programme designed to get non-runners (i.e. couch potatoes!) running 5k in 9wks. It starts off really gently walking, then running and the running intervals increase as your stamina builds up? There are free podcasts you can download to listen to that tell you when to run/walk too?
Thanks for that. Have had a look and it looks good - just what I need!! Don't want to push myself too soon and give up or go to slowly but that sounds just about right!
I managed to jog on treadmill for 8 1/2 minutes yday - albeit at a very slow pace. Followed that with another 7 minutes brisk walk on treadmill, 10 mins on cross trainer, 10 mins on bike and 8 on rowing machine!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!
Running is something I have never really been able to manage. I did a spate where I would run on the treadmill 3 times a week for 15 minutes, but by the end I would be knackered and completely exhausted. I think i too shall look at the couch to 5k program.

Anybody want to start a support group and start working on it from 1st March?


A little of everything!
I did W1D1 today and it was okay! I really thought I'd collapse in a heap but as an utter couch potato it was fine! I was sweating at the end of it, and a little out of breath, but nothing that required cpr! LOL!
I plan on walking on the in-between days to keep my metabolism running, but so far so good?


A little of everything!
Yesterday I walked for 25mins at 4.5mph. Today I did W2D1 (by mistake, was supposed to be W1D2 but my MP3 fu*ed up!) and it was okay. I was really puffed by the end of it & sweating buckets, but it'll be walking tomorrow followed by W1D3 on Friday...
Am proud of myself for sticking at it so far, I know it hasn't been long, but still?...
I really want to try this couch 25k thingy, but my feet hurt soo much when I run or even walk! Maybe it is my weight (I am about 5/6 stone over weight) but they kill me! Ouch! Any ideas?
My feet hurt too! I'm about 4 stone over weight, 5 when I started. It is getting easier. Tho find its only worth running when i have energy. On monday after a long stressful day at work could only run for a couple of minutes, whereas yesterday i felt really energic and managed 91/2 minutes of jogging at a faster speed than normal. Woo Hoo. The first few weeks at the gym I just did walking then gradually built it up, on average a minute more each time i've tried. Aiming for 10mins the next time I feel i have energy to run for a while!
hi all
bit of inspiration to you all i hope. I have NEVER run and never could. In January I wanted to start trying to run as want to do the race for life. I went on runners world and started the jog/walk program, at first i was walking at pace of 4 for 4 mins and jogging at a pace of 5.5 for 2 minutes (5 k took over 50 minutes) two months on and i'm walking for 30 secs at 5.5 and running at 8.5 for 5 minutes - 5k in 36 minutes. Honestly if i can do it anyone can, ok i've lost over 5 stone since sept but since running my body has changed big time and i'm even running outside now!! it's an amazing feeling, i would recommend anyone following a walk/jog program. Good luck to all of you

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