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Join me and make a new team July 2009 s/s

Hi everyone....Not quite sure what I'm doing but the intention is to start a new team of people on the CD SS plan for the next 12 weeks.

I started this on Thursday last week and weighed in at 17 stone and 3 pounds - the biggest I have ever been. Hence I decided to name myself Marie Fattie! Anyway...I'd like to share my past 3 days with you all...

Day 1 - Was a work day so had to get up at 6:30am, sort my daughter out and get to work for 8am. Had the porridge about 7:15am and the first mouthful was surprisingly tasty and not what I was expected. Reminded me of those rice cake things - ok at first then ewwwwww after half a packet. It made me feel sick and I will never eat another. Stopped at the shop in my way to work to buy a 1.5L bottle of water. Sank it by noon and wee'd a hundred times. For lunch I had a tetra chocolate velvet pack. Felt really sorry for myself thinking all I have for lunch is this teeny little carton of liquid that was bound to taste as horrible as the porridge. Lunchtime came, absolutely starving at this time (not having had a bacon roll or suchlike) and sill feeling quite sick. The choclate velvet was morelike chocolate ewwww - that horrible plastic taste. Anyway...drank it, drank loads more water and was feeling headachey and sick all day. Just to make matters worse, I was visiting a do-nut stall for work purposes and the guy asked if I wanted a bag to take back to the office.......I said I started a diet today, why didnt you ask me yesturday! No, I couldnt have taken a bag back to the office and not have eaten one, so I declined the offer! Selfish or what?!
Teatime came...decided to have the toffee and walnut shake...mmmmm, absolutely delicious - restored my faith completely...was thinking, I can live on these. I had blended it with loads of ice and could really taste the walnut. Felt so low of energy I went to bed at 8pm - had to get up at 9:30pm to wee tho!

Day 2 - Woke up thinking oh no, I'm on that horrible diet and I have to feel sick all day again. Can't face porridge, better have a shake. Had a chocolate shake, mixed the same way as before, with ice...was lovely. Drank lots more water, wee'ing all day. For lunch I thought I'd try the chocolate velvet warmed up (as I had 7 of them!) - was better but still plastic horrible taste. For tea I had a butterscotch shake...eww, was that sweet and horrible. Went to bed with indigestion and reaching - feeling very sick.

Day 3 - (today)...Woke up feeling good. Had a chocolate shake for breakfast and was ok. Used a ketostick thingie and it turned pink so very happy to be in ketosis. Mouth feels dry but having chewing gum helps. Had another choc shake for lunch and was yummy. For tea I had a toffee and walnut shake, mm, my fave. I also emailled my councillor today as I had 6 packs of porridge and 1 butterscotch to get rid of - no way I could have those again...ever! She happily swapped so am fully stocked now and ready to get on with the rest of the week. My parents came round tonight and they had a chinese with my husband....I said it was fine, and I was very strong - didn't have a thing...just buzzing around, driunking water. I have to say I do not feel hungry anymore, I am used to drinking lots of water and if the rest of the diet is as easy as today I could stay on it for the whole 12 weeks and some, no problem. No headache, no feeling sick...just happy, ok. Was at the park earlier with my girl, feeding ducks, running about etc ..I felt fine/good.

Lets see what Day 4 brings......please, people, share your experiences with me...this forum has helped me so much over the past 3 days.....

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