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Join me for a lent challenge?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by Curlyelm, 27 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Curlyelm

    Curlyelm Active Member


    As lent is fast approaching I thought I would use it as an excuse to create a little challenge for myself, and was wondering if anyone wanted to join me :)

    I am going to give up chocolate (with the exclusion of Rocky Road Hifi bars as they are the only thing getting me through :) ) and crisps!

    In the time between Tuesday 4th March and Thursday 17th April I will have 6 weigh ins and would like to lose a stone overall!

    Anyone is welcome to join me x


    Target 88
    Lost 19.5
    To Go 68.5
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  3. Deluxe1985

    Deluxe1985 Member


    would love to join you in this, I would like to lose the same amount of weight in that time also!

    Think I will give up alcohol and crisps as these are my major downfall.

    Good Luck.

  4. Curlyelm

    Curlyelm Active Member

    Fab, I would say alcohol too but I have a good friends 40th party the first week in which I want to drink at ;)

    I weigh on a Tuesday night, how about you?
  5. Deluxe1985

    Deluxe1985 Member

    I weight a sat morning but I had to weight yesterday as I've got to work this week but back to sat next week!

    Alcohol is a hard one really as events do come along that you do want to drink at but am going to give it a good go as I didn't do dry January.xx
  6. Curlyelm

    Curlyelm Active Member

    Sounds like a plan!

    I started a blog today to try and help along with the motivation so hope that helps x
  7. Deluxe1985

    Deluxe1985 Member

    Am sure it will do, I think that's the difficult thing keeping the motivation going all the way thru.x
  8. angelajane

    angelajane Well-Known Member

    Hi there,
    I'm intoo - I always give up chocolate & crisps for lent but somehow seem to "forget" I'm doing so half way through! I would like to lose 1 pound a week too! Look forward to the pancakes on tuesday first though!!!

    Angela x
  9. Curlyelm

    Curlyelm Active Member

    Welcome Angela ;)

    I've just had a double decker as a substitute for not going out drinking tonight!
  10. Doucam

    Doucam Member

    I'd like to join. I will give up alcohol. I did the Dryathalon in January but since then have been having a bottle of wine at the weekends which whilst not lots of wine I can see me starting to slip back into old habits.

    Also it will help the weight loss!

    I take it we will be updating this thread as to how we are doing?
  11. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Well-Known Member

    Alcohol for me too! I have only drank on two occasions this year, and I'm determined to keep it that way. One of my aims this year was to drastically cut out alcohol to better my general health and weight loss, and also to save money. I know I'm not really "giving up" anything, as I'm already drinking so little to start with, but by promising to give it up for Lent I know it will keep me on the straight and narrow.

    I'd just like 1lb a week - I WI on Tuesday's, so I believe that will be 6 weeks and 6lb in total! :)
  12. Curlyelm

    Curlyelm Active Member

    Sounds good ladies, enjoy your last day of your chosen vice tomorrow ;)
  13. Deluxe1985

    Deluxe1985 Member

    Enjoy your last day ladies and good luck, will update as I go along.xx
  14. Violet Shrinks

    Violet Shrinks Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone!!!

    Can I join in too please?

    I've just come back to Slimming World after a long time away and need something to get me off to a good start!! I'm going to make a commitment to stick totally to plan for the whole of Lent, and also to keep a food diary on here and fill it in everyday during that period. I need the motivation, plus we go on holiday on Good Friday, so Lent coincides rather nicely with that (I'm assuming that the last day of Lent is Maundy Thursday? I know different denomination count it differently - when it starts and finishes, if you include Sundays etc).

    I'm definitely also giving up alcohol. I did Dry January and felt sooooo much better in myself (and lost 10lbs by combining it with sensible eating and exercise), but slipped back into (very) bad habits in February and put 2lbs back on :-(. I think I need to get back on it - or more to the point, off it!!

  15. ellejay1984

    ellejay1984 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, joining too pls :)
    Not so much "giving up" but want to stick to my allotted HEx's during this time-find myself cheating!
    I'm also calorie counting so want to stay within my daily allowance every day :D
    1lb a week will do me nicely, 7lbs away from target, so maybe even 1lb extra during this time to get me there!? :D

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  16. Curlyelm

    Curlyelm Active Member

    I am enjoining my last night of choc! Let's do this....
  17. Saltwater

    Saltwater Active Member

    Can I join you please. I just started last week and want to give it a good start. I aim to stick at it for six weeks and would like to lose 7lb. I lose weight extremely slowly but I need to do something to stop more weight creeping on.
  18. Curlyelm

    Curlyelm Active Member

    Of course, what are you giving up for lent?
  19. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Well-Known Member

    So it begins! The start of Lent today.

    Good luck everyone! :) xx
  20. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Well-Known Member

    Good luck everyone!
    I started another because I didn't see this one so moving over :)
    I'm giving up...
    Chocolate (except choc shot) (that's what I always crave and what has taken me off the wagon many a time, and for a spiritual one I'm also going to try and talk to myself the way I would talk to others! Bit of self love needed lol

    Hi :) xx
  21. ellejay1984

    ellejay1984 Well-Known Member

    Good luck everyone, we can do this!! :D x L x

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