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Join now or wait til after move

Hi there

I have been off and on with sw now for 2 years. Ended up last time with a really useless consultant after the most motivating one ever!

Anyway to cut a long story short almost all of the 2.5 stone I'd off is now back on and my eating habits are now atrocious! And it's not even as if that 2.5 took me near target as I need to lose about 6!!!

I'm moving house the end of the month and I keep telling myself that once I'm in and settled I'll rejoin my old weds group. However there is a little nagging voice in the background telling me just to go back now and commit to it.

What do you guys think? Wait til the move is over or just get on with it?
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Go now!! You can transfer groups once you have moved, 'the time for change is now! It's never too late' - if you are in the frame of mind where you have made the decision you are ready to join - do it!! :D good luck xx


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If it was me, I would join now too. How does that saying go... 'why put off until tomorrow something you can do today'! As the above post says, you can always join your new group once you have moved house and just think, you could be well on your way to losing your first stone by then! x


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Join later and risk putting on more weight over the move or join now and at least be aware of what you're eating and limit any damage caused by convenience foods during the move? No brainer.


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I can see benefits of both...
If u joined now and then with the stress of moving gained weight how upset would you be?? would it put u off?? would it make you stop going?
U can of course start now and plan v carefully when u are moving house...still have a take away when yr unpacking the kitchen etc but choose it wisely...It is you who has to commit! U choose...no one can make you...
I needed a 'run up' to joining SW and had a full week of eating everything in the house...then i was truely ready!
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I would join now, I've just joined last week even though I know I have a bad five days coming starting a week tomorrow. My initial thought was to put it off untill after that but then I realised I was only cheating myself and could start to loose in preperation for that and keep my motivation going

Mr White

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Hi Ive been lurking on here for a couple of weeks however your post made me register and post.

Three weeks ago I decided to join Slimming World, however I was going to wait until this week originally as last week I was away for 5 days and this involved birthday celebrations and excessive liquid syns.

However I joined regardless and managed to lose a stone in the first two weeks before going away.

Had I left it I probably would have just binged the whole time knowing I was joining soon.

So whilst I expect to have gained when i weigh in tonight I will probably still be 10lb lighter than had I not joined 3 weeks ago.

Strike while the iron is hot is my advice.
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Defo join now! You sound ready, no point in delaying, the sooner you start, the better you will begin to feel. Good luck in your journey
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I agree .... Go for it while u are in the right frame of mind!!!! Also think of all the body magic u will be doing during moving day!!!

Good luck xxx
Yeah but it's the stress of moving and packing up all next week that's putting me off! I know if I wait there will be more to lose but at the same time I don't want to throw money away. I move next Friday so class then the following weds after I start back to work and the kids start back to school after the summer kinda makes more sense. New school year, new house, new start?


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One of my cobsultantsm's favourite sayings is "there's always a reason not to lose weight" - and for you right now its the move! But think of how fab all the moving stuff would be towards your body magic if you joined? And how motivated you would feel if you lost weight even with all that going on?

If you want to do it, go for it! Good luck!

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