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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by MidwifeKim, 4 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. MidwifeKim

    MidwifeKim Full Member

    HI All, i just wanted to pop in and say Hi!

    I'm Kim, 25 and i am starting a midwifery degree in September and need to loose ALOT of pounds before then if i can!

    I was doing Slimming World on my own and was not doing well at all - eating lots of the things i was allowed, but equally lots of the things i wasn't!

    Well we got a leaflet about a ww class at lunchtime near my work, so a few of my colleagues joined last week and i joined them this week.

    I am hoping i can get my head around the points after Slimming World, but i feel like i need a change and hopefully WW is what i need!

    Here's to a good first week! :D
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  3. Cathy

    Cathy Silver Member

    Hi Kim,
    welcome to minimins. I started WW on the 1st after losing 6 stone with Lipotrim.
    I did Midwifery in 1975, after General nurse training.
    You'll be nice and fit for the start of your course, Good Luck! Cathy
  4. Curlz

    Curlz Hiya Chucks!!

    Hiya and welcome to the ww section.
    My mum was a midwife for many many years and in fact helped deliver her grandson..:)

    Good luck with your journey you will be addicted to the site in no time at all.:eek:
  5. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    Hello Kim and welcome,ww is a great diet

    Cor fuzzy i have to say my mum is the last person i would want around when i was giving birth-she'd tell me i was doing it wrong!!
  6. Less Rotund One

    Less Rotund One Gold Member

    Hi Kim and welcome to WW and the forum

    I am sure you will do brilliantly on here.

    Little red is also going to be a midwife in September isn't she - although I have not seen her around for a bit.

    Rosie xx
  7. bear1982

    bear1982 in the zone!

    Hi and welcome!

    You'll love WW and minimins they are both fab!:D:D

    Good luck on your weight loss journey!

  8. MidwifeKim

    MidwifeKim Full Member

    Thanks guys :)
    Sorry for the late reply - wasn't around the PC all weekend!

    Hope you all had a good weekend!
    I managed to stick to the diet over the weekend - a big acomplishment as normally the weekends are where i lose the plot, but i stayed on it, and hoping to continue and have a weight loss at my first weigh in!
  9. Curlz

    Curlz Hiya Chucks!!

    Hiya well done on having a good w/ sure with that you will have a brilliant first WI-good luck x :)
  10. Madferret

    Madferret Mad as a Hatter

    Just echoing all the other comments, well done on a good weekend and welcome to the forum..

  11. MidwifeKim

    MidwifeKim Full Member

    Thank you :)
    Hope everyone else had a good weekend! :)
  12. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member


    welcome, i have just switched from SW to WW and i have found it to be easy enough.

    good luck, im also starting uni in september to do my nursing
  13. Millie09

    Millie09 Silver Member


    I have just switched from SW to WW, started on Saturday. I lost nearly 3 stone with with SW, but seem to be really stuck - hoping that the change will do me good.

    Good Luck

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