Joining CD from LL


Guess whos back...
Hi all,

Been here a bit but mainly in LL forums, i have spent a month on LL now and lost 20lb+ But i for reasons i wont repeat here i am now changing over to CD today and have a new rather familar CDC.

Best of luck Lee, though you don't need luck, you've got your head around this LL lark already :)
Is it someone famous? lol My brain is working overtime ere! 1st person that sprung to my mind (who knows why???) is Vanessa Feltz. Eeeeek!

All the best Lee, I think CD is great!!

Best of luck Lee!!!

You have done brilliant already on Lighter Life and you will do as well now on Cambridge Diet.

Stay away from the CD bars!!!!

They are too nice, I have banned myself from them for awhile.

Will be my treat if I lose two stone.:rolleyes: :confused:

Love Mini xxx
Well offically on CD now, had first pack and tastes same as LL pack, so at least i am used to it.

Weigh-in was 8lb loss in past 12days, which i know is good (sorry ladies) but does seem less than i have been losing, best start drinking some more..
Hi Lee,

28lbs. is very good!!!

Well done and glad your finding the change over alright.

Love Mini xxx
Hiya Lee

Glad your move has gone smoothly! Well done on losing another 8 lbs and looking forward to seeing/hearing your progress :D
Must be D Q
Hi Lee,
I swapped over last saturday and have to say I am enjoying the variety of packs so much :) and as for the bars!!!!!! :D :D :D

Looking forward to hearing more about how it's going.

Can't find your thread now. Did you hear anything back from LL HQ re your emails?

Kitty xxx