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Joining the community :)

Hi everyone! I've been flitting around this site for a few weeks now, taking inspiration from some of the heartwarming stories and struggles on this site and thought hey! I might like to join too and hopefully share a little in the nightmare that is weight loss :p
I'm initially hoping to get down to 11 stone before I go on my first big holiday in ages - to sunny Portugal! I want to not look like a beached whale in my first ever bikini :eek: Then of course I have uni to go to, so I'd like to stay 11st for that too, and maybe get down to 10st before Christmas :rolleyes:
I'm actually already halfway through my current goal, but they say the last few pounds are the hardest to shift :eek: Besides, I feel like I need some company to help me stay motivated since I'm sure my family and lovely fiance are all fed up of my banging on about dieting now!! :D
Though I know there's gonna always be someone on here who's going through what I am, so maybe I can help them too and we can go through it together

Anyway enough for this gal's introduction, time to get out there and get to know some people
:D :character00180:
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Hi there from another newbie, good luck with staying motivated over the summer.

Sue x
Thanks you two, its always good to have support :) Hope the two of you do well also! :D


Violet is shrinking
Hi, welcome to Minis, you'll do brilliant! Good luck!
Thanks bunny_hops :)
Good Luck!!! I'm just starting today - can't wait to see my first weight loss! Sick of seeing the scales rising! So depressing!
I'm turning 34 soon and i'd love to be at my goal weight by my 35th birthday. Gives me a bit over a year to lose 75lb. I'm gonna try my butt off!
Good luck Wheel, I'm sure you'll get there in time as long as you keep motivated :)
Just keep where you want to be in mind and you can do it, I'm certain :) Its helped me stay on track too xx
Evy_Starlight said:
Just keep where you want to be in mind and you can do it, I'm certain :) Its helped me stay on track too xx
Thank u so much Evy. I must keep thinking about how much better I felt when I used to b slim. Confident, attractive, energetic, happy!! I want to b that again so bad.
It's so worth it, I'm still 2st away from my ultimate goal and I feel so much better even now - make up was a treat before and now its a daily essential xD I'm so much happier in general and I can't wait to see the end result :) (I've never actually been slim before :( ) xx
Be sure to keep us all posted on how you do every week, its such a boost to get the comments of support :) xx
Welcome and good luck on your journey :) keep up the good work!!
Thanks Lightheart :)
Thanks Irene :)

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